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Whisper Hotel / qpdro

March 31, 2020 Collin Chen 0

Tangkou town, 1 km long from the south gate of Mount Huangshan, is the main life service and the tourist reception base. The project to be reshaped is located at no. 1 Xiaolingxia, Gang Village. The original building is a typical old-fashioned scenic hotel and seats at the west end of the whole building complex along the road. The Gang Village Road is located in the southeast with a wide visual field. The building faces the mountains to the southwest, a stream flowing by at the foot of the mountain. The courtyard plot, situating to the southeast façade of the original, looks like a triangle, and the whole boundary of the building is blurred.

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A Concrete Block Planter Wall Was Used To Add Greenery To This Restaurant

March 31, 2020 Erin 0

Loop Design Studio has completed the interiors of the Playground Restaurant in Chandigarh, India, that includes a concrete planter wall. Throughout the restaurant there’s plenty of greenery, however, one section that’s eye-catching is a wall that combines both lighting and small plants in a concrete block wall. Concrete blocks were used to create the wall, […]

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Lever Architecture designs CLT extension for The Nature Conservancy’s Portland office

March 31, 2020 Bridget Cogley 0
Oregon Conservation Center by Lever Architecture

Weathered steel and juniper siding clad the cross-laminated timber community centre that Lever Architecture has added to the Oregon outpost of The Nature Conservancy. The local firm added a one-storey volume made of cross-laminated timber (CLT) to a three-story building that was completed in the 1970s on a corner plot in Portland’s Buckman neighbourhood. The project

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Komorebi Homestay / AD9 Architects

March 31, 2020 Hana Abdel 0

Komorebi [木漏れ日] – a Japanese word depicting the interplay between light and leaves when sunlight shines through trees. The exact definition of this word is difficult to interpret in other languages since it has many layers of special meanings. This is a renovation project for an old house located on a hill in the center of Da Lat city.

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Mountain Tiny Houses / Indico

March 31, 2020 Andreas Luco 0

The land is located west Ajijic, a colorful town with the best weather, at Lake Chapalas shores. With a privileged view to the lake and the mountains on the north. The site is divided by a water stream that flows only in the rainy season. The project consists of 4 tiny houses with 38 m2 on a 860 m2 land, which had a very interesting vegetation, planted by the previous owner, and used for the projects landscape. The natural drop of the land was used to create terraces and give privacy to each house, plus a unique view to the outside on each of them.

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The Skate Park in Carballo / Óscar Pedrós

March 31, 2020 Valeria Silva 0

The Skate Park in Carballo (A Coruña, Spain) appears as an extension of the public space that surrounds the Media Library in that village, offering the possibility of practicing some alternative sport that emerges strongly in the cities. From the point of view of urban insertion, the main intention was to dilute the border between the skating surface and the rest of the public space, so that the entire space could be read as unique, avoiding some ghetto or bubble sensation that usually present this type of parks. That is why we should call it skate-plaza.Thus, the integration of the tricks, access of the fire brigade to Media Library, stands, vertical connections, shade, water and benches are considered as an integrated artificial topography, in the same way that the pedestrian is protected from an eventual impact with the skateboards, sinking park´s height around 16 cm.