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CHA Talk Tea House / AIR Architects

January 31, 2021 Valeria Silva 0

CHA talk Tea House, also known as Sihan Tea House, is AIR Architects’ second landing project in Dajing Lane, (see more information on our first project: Random Art Space / AIR architects) a Southern Song Dynasty ancient architectural community in Hangzhou, with the aim of creating a natural and relaxing tea drinking experience through architectural and interior renovations. The client is an experienced tea culture inheritor and tea ceremony practitioner in Hangzhou, and they had one word for the design – ‘authenticity’.

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Office Villa Renovation in FFC Shanghai / HCCH Studio

January 31, 2021 罗靖琳 - Jinglin Luo 0

A series of interventions breathes new life into the 3-story brick-concrete pseudo garden villa built in 1990s in Shanghai French Concession. The building experienced several times of refurbishment, lacking legible structure system and stylistic characteristic. It is a mundane patch among the neighborhood, juxtaposed with garden villas, 6-story public ho using and office towers to the further north. The building can be neither a nostalgia of concession, nor a mimic of modernism. It can only be itself under specific condition, trying to fit in while confronting its surroundings.

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Ten need-to-know modernist buildings in North and South America

January 31, 2021 India Block 0
TWA Terminal in New York City, New York, by Eero Saarinen

From Frank Sinatra’s house in Palm Springs to a cliffside home in Acapulco, here are 10 beautiful pieces of modernist architecture that non-profit USModernist is fighting to preserve. USModernist director George Smart has picked 10 of his favourite examples of mid-century architecture across North and South America. “Just like stock car racing or sushi, modernist

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East Extension Center / Arquitectura DESE UC

January 31, 2021 Pilar Caballero 0

The project for the Facade and Covered Courtyard Building of the Eastern Extension Center is part of a larger plan, commissioned in 2013, which proposed to give new life and incorporate new functions to the built complex of the Eastern Campus of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. The original project belongs to Juan Lyon and Luis Azócar and was built around 1930. Various partial orders were articulated around the original plan. Now was the turn for the Academic Building of the Faculty of Arts and the remodelling of two groups of rooms of the old building. The fundamental question that accompanied these interventions was how to work with a building close to one hundred years old, whose materiality, brick and concrete, and whose venerable spaces enjoyed considerable appreciation on the part of its users.

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Product Of The Week: A Beautiful Wall Storage Box To Hide Your Router

January 31, 2021 HD Staff 0

The ugly truth: all of us have an unsightly electrical device to hide at home. The solution: this elegant router storage box. There are slots provided to even make the antennas a design object! Get it on Amazon. Recommended Reading:  Ways to Make Electrical Wirings Less Messy and More Classy

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AK House / Leo Romano

January 31, 2021 Andreas Luco 0

Casa AK was completed in 2020 and has approximately 500m2. It is located in a horizontal condominium in the city of Goiânia, Goiás. The sloping terrain made it possible to implant the residence at the highest level allowed. Thus, the ground floor was two meters above the street, allowing a greater view of the residents in relation to the frontal forest.

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Bell Phillips designs brick extension to complement Victorian Gothic school buildings

January 31, 2021 Alyn Griffiths 0

Bell Phillips has completed a red-brick extension to a grammar school in Kent, England, featuring gabled facades and architectural details that reference its historic surroundings. The London studio headed by Tim Bell and Hari Phillips designed the new Mitchell Building for The Skinners’ School in Royal Tunbridge Wells. The school was established by the Worshipful

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