A Monolithic Argentinian House Set In Stone And Concrete [Video]

This Argentinian house takes on a linear, monolithic form that dominates a green landscape next to a native forest. Built with walls of cold concrete, the large house presents a hard, brutalist exterior that can be seen from afar. As onlookers draw nearer, intermittent walls of rustic stone interrupt the smooth expanses of grey render, bringing texture and depth into rectangular cutaways. Created by architects at Patio Estudio, the house design is both separated and connected by patio areas that expand the volume of the home. The patio elements create an interior-exterior link and work as an integral part of the floor layout, complementing the main functions of the home.

Located at the edge of a sloped neighbourhood, the house is blessed with green surroundings and a lush native forest backdrop. The plot on which the linear concrete house is built is suitably flat.

Other than turf, vegetation around the house is sparse. A raised planter has been constructed at the front of the house to healthily balance out the cold concrete and stone exterior.

A swimming pool hugs the side of a ground floor terrace, where outdoor furniture encourages socialising in the open air. The ground floor terrace also has a barbecue area and is connected to a volleyball court.

Soil was extracted from around the site to elevate the house to a rise of 1.3 metres. This adjustment raises the line of sight to skim over the neighbouring grove and onto a more superior view of the larger landscape.

The entrance to the brutalist house exterior is located on the upper floor, and is accessed by a long, winding ramp.

The upper floor of the home contains nine different spaces: the living room, dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms, and three bathrooms.

The rooms are connected by a passageway and separated by patios.

Inside the home, a warm and inviting atmospheric lighting scheme illuminates walls of rich wood tone panels and matching doors. A custom-made built-in sofa design echoes the sleek and linear aesthetic of the home exterior. Cognac leather seat cushions soften the look.

A stone fireplace cuts down between large living room windows. Modern wood storage units wing each side.

Walking down the corridor that links the rooms, we pass doorways to terraces and numerous rugged stone feature walls.

Out on one of the terraces, we discover a complex view of overlapping interior and exterior volumes.

The ground floor garage pulls up alongside the swimming pool and barbeque area, separated by a thick stone wall.

Eleven patios create voids across the volume of the house that split up the nine solid interior modules.

The monolithic concrete structure of the building gives the home an introverted character.

The concrete skin that surrounds both interior and exterior patios ensures ultimate privacy from even the closest neighbours.

Once the homeowners and their visitors make it beyond the secretive concrete armour that encases the home, focus is largely pushed toward the patios inside.

The sweeping pathway that rises into the centre of the house is an experience all on its own, where glimpses of the landscape compete with bold architectural features.

A flower bed filled with delicate white blooms seems to playfully contradict the weight, solidity and linearity of the neighbouring architecture.

At night, the brutalist house design comes alive with light that bursts forth from massive expanses of glass and open patios.

Whilst the concrete entryway looks hard and foreboding, it is actually a gently sloping gradient that serves as a non-discriminatory access ramp for all physical abilities.

The winding pathway draws out a welcoming meander to the upper floor where the main living space is located.

Upon the incline, a peek into the social spaces of the home is permitted through wide windows.

Raised planters bring a touch of the green landscape to the top of the stylish concrete access ramp.

The same stone and concrete finishes form a cohesive materials palette both outside and inside of the home, with wooden elements added inside to smooth and warm the living spaces and bedrooms.

The ascending pathway rises to the top in the shape of a question mark. Shrubs grow around the sides, softening the effect of its concrete finish.

Whether looking on to the inside patios of this introverted house, or looking out to the neighbouring forest, the views are splendid.

Birdseye view of the property and plot.

The patios are perceived as just another part of the house to be frequented and enjoyed as much as the other rooms.

Uplights bring a whole new character to the outdoor spaces at night, when they highlight the textural aspect of the cast concrete and the impressive rugged stone walls. Shrubs make dramatic shadows.

The prolific use of wood in the interior makes a smooth change from the outer image of the home.

The fenestration conjures a seemingly infinite arrangement of near and far reaching views.

Elegant outdoor furniture ties in with black steel elements included around the architecture and borrows wooden accents from the interior.

Concrete cutouts hang like enormous Tetris shapes against the clear blue sky, coming to rest on a bed of green.

The entry pathway reaches all the way to the road.

The property is set just a few metres back into the plot.

Overlapping concrete slabs create a unique entry point.

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