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De Lemos / Carvalho Araújo

August 9, 2020 Daniel Sánchez 0

I Answering the request for the conception and design for a Gourmet Restaurant, we developed the project with the idea of a Guesthouse, private equipment as complement of the first. The group intends to relate to the wine production, and to frame this investment in a global brand strategy, instead of an isolated act in the territory.

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The Paleisbrug / Benthem Crouwel Architects

August 8, 2020 Daniel Sánchez 0

The Paleisbrug is a raised park and pedestrian and cycle bridge in one. The bridge forms a 250 metre-ling link across the railway track between the historic centre of ‘s-Hertogenbosch and Paleiskwartier. Paleiskwartier is a newly developed district that houses the court building, various universities of applied sciences, homes and offices. The new bridge has also been fitted with a large solar collector, which will supply the surrounding area with energy.

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Wood Innovation Design Centre / Michael Green Architecture

July 19, 2020 Daniel Sánchez 0

The Wood Innovation Design Centre (WIDC) serves as a gathering place for researchers, academics, and design professionals generating ideas for innovative uses of wood. The lower floors of the building provide facilities dedicated to education in Integrated Wood Design. Upper floors provide office space for government and wood industry-related organizations. The eight-story building stands 97 feet tall — the world’s tallest modern all-timber office building, a benchmark soon to be surpassed by other mass timber buildings.

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Writers’ Cottage 2 / JVA

June 26, 2020 Daniel Sánchez 0

This small annex is located in the garden of two professionals in a residential area on the outskirts of the city. The clients wanted a place that would give them space and quiet to focus on their writing and work. At the same time they wanted a view that could somehow remind them of their native West-Norwegian landscapes, this in spite of the site’s location only offering views towards a parking lot and a train station. Their intention was that the project would work as an alternative to a cottage in the countryside.

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Fine Arts Museum of Asturias / Francisco Mangado

May 25, 2020 Daniel Sánchez 0

The project addresses the whole complex, including the future of the Velarde Palace and the Casa Oviedo-Portal. Only through such a comprehensive approach can the optimal functioning of an institution as important as the Fine Arts Museum of Asturias be guaranteed.