derelict stone heritage buildings in catalonia sustainably revitalized

architect lluis jubert of barcelona-based taller d’arquitectura introduces an architectural intervention to the ‘corral d’en capdet,’ an agricultural region of northern spain. the project is comprised of three separate elements: a farmyard, a typical farmhouse of catalonia known as a ‘masia,’ and a heritage building known as ‘can tomeu’ which once served as a sharecroppers’ house. through this project, the design team aimed to convert the derelict stone structures into sustainable rural residences. while the project is to be completed in three phases, the studio presents ‘can tomeu,’ the first to be executed.

lluis jubert corral d'en capdet
all images by adrià goula



designed by taller d’arquitectura, the first building upon approaching the bucolic site is the ‘corral de capdet,’ followed by the farmhouse and can tomeu. to the south, east, and west, the structures are surrounded by a small forest. can tomeu is characterized by a main volume which is comprised of two levels and two smaller annexes. the original outer walls and an interior load-bearing wall are well preserved. two new volumes are added onto the main construction, which remains at the center of the old annexes and the new extensions. this extension, along with a newly constructed swimming pool that stretches outward toward the landscape, delimit the space.

lluis jubert corral d'en capdet



the architectural complex is restored with respect for its surrounding natural context. the rural environment has been preserved with sustainable design and construction processes, promoting environmentally respectful and self-sufficient living. the living spaces have been renovated to operate self-sufficiently, as sustainable operations are applied to throughout the entire architectural complex. these methods include the use of solar panels, and the collection and reuse of wastewater and rainwater.

lluis jubert corral d'en capdetlluis jubert corral d'en capdetlluis jubert corral d'en capdetlluis jubert corral d'en capdetlluis jubert corral d'en capdet



project info:


architecture: taller d’arquitectura

lead architect: lluis jubert

construction management: andrea solé

collaborators: alberto gonzález and andrea solé

site: corral de capdet, sant pere de ribes

client: herman holtus

structure: eduard bosch

photography: adrià goula

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