Michael Tjalve Joins the SEED Vault Team

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Michael Tjalve, an expert in speech and natural language technology, will be joining the SEED project as an advisor. A fantastic addition to the Seed Vault Team, Michael has more than two decades of experience in linguistics, artificial intelligence and conversational AI. Currently the Principal AI Architect in the AI and Research Group at Microsoft, he also is an assistant professor in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Washington. Michael’s research into conversational AI has been primarily focussed on turning disruptive innovation into engaging user experiences; research that will be invaluable to the SEED project and the team’s vision. On joining the SEED team Michael said: “I am pleased to be joining Seed’s Vault team of advisors to help advance SEED’s marketplace and ecosystem for AI and conversational user interfaces… conversational bots enable people to interact with technology and with content in new ways…that is exactly

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Michael Tjalve Joins the SEED Vault Team


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