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            The traditional Hamptons landscape involves cedar-shingle gabled homes and what seems like miles of lawn beyond the famous hedgerows. But today's nouveau riche buying on the East End is young, stylish and prefers modern architecture. How do we know this is a winning style? The evidence is easy to see in how long it takes a home to sell. Today's younger buyers want a contemporary look, and they are paying top dollar. Here are four home renovation ideas that can help achieve that look.

1. Open concept living spaces

2. Floor to ceiling windows

3. Metal staircases

4. Industrial accent materials

Nothing says modern like open concept living spaces. One of the best ways to change a home’s feel is to open up the living, dining and kitchen areas into one large communal living space. Today’s families congregate around the kitchen island while other members watch the big game beyond the sofa that delineates the living area – and they are still part of the same conversation or within earshot. Not only is this style in demand, but it is also very functional. The idea of open concept living areas gives the home an interpersonal environment which is great for families and gatherings.

Nothing says modern like open concept living spaces. (Courtesy Photo)

Floor to ceiling windows add a very modern look to any home while visually inviting the outdoors in. Whether your home is traditional or modern, even a one-story wall of windows bringing the outdoors in will add bright light and a contemporary look from the get-go.

Metal staircases not only afford a very modern form but they are also highly functional. They are much safer than wood stairs and they allow for a variety of materials such as wood, glass or stone stair treads and accents. They can have nautical wire or clear glass for safety built towards the banister giving the staircase a high end and elegant feel. Metal stairs can be used indoors and outdoors. The signature look utilizes clean lines of metal handrails that are used on balconies and stairs alike.

Industrial style barn doors on an open track are very popular on the East End. (Courtesy Photo)

A most defining characteristic of the contemporary homes is the use of industrial materials such as stone, concrete, steel and glass. Many modern architects like to use new materials that are strong, rugged that last a long time. Blending the home’s sleek contours with these textured materials offers complex yet clean looks. Some accent features that are common in many home renovations are using rough stone tile for walls, thick glass for doors/balcony handrails, and reclaimed materials such as wood from old barns and buildings. Industrial style barn doors on an open track are very popular on the East End.

In the end, you can get that modern look by simply dressing up a few key items in your home with a resale value that soars.

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