1. @HenrydeBeli 14/hour seems like crap to me for a draftsman…I would be out there looking for other jobs if i were you.

  2. te falto la baranda de la escalera de afuera, las fundaciones y el veredin perimetral…igual esta manso…

  3. This is an excelent work.

    It learns us how it’s possible to build something to impress to others.

    Thank you for this video!

    Claudio (from Argentine)

  4. @NEGRURA1056 What if you don’t work independently? I work for a General Contractor and my pay is $14 an hour. I feel like I’m underpaid considering the amount of Great work that I do for them. Plus, I owe 30k dollars for the education I took, I really need a higher pay

  5. bel progetto….ma siamo sicuri che la scala regge??? :/ mi sembra un pò difficile, và contro le leggi della fisica 😛

  6. lo unico que te puedo decir men felicidadez manejas bien el autocad pero lo que hisiste es algo facil saludos

  7. I’ve just disovered Sketch 7 PRO and Sketch 8 (the latest is free by the way) from Google and it seams quicklier/friendlier to use for an everyday 3D model maker. Very light as well…

  8. ive seen people put on a floorplan then made it a transparent 3d modeling even with furniture. They print them out and drew/color over it for their rendering project. How did they do that?

  9. soooooo many layers!!!! 0_0….ive never used more than 20….probably because im new to it and i wasn’t doing 3d…but still wow….nice work.

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