An update to the UK and Ireland template for Civil 3D 2010 with improved cross section display and pages


  • @CivilFromtheGroundUp
    Thanks allot for your time and support, it was helpful

  • CivilFromtheGroundUp

    April 22, 2011 at 10:31 am

    @rhobureau you can use the UKIE template to copy the styles across. It is in the 2011 installation of Civil 3D. You can add the UKIE content pack from control panel, add/remove programs, Civil 3D where you can add additional features, you will see UKIE in the list of content packs you can add. The template will then be added aswell as other files.

  • Thanks,
    Can you provide us with the band details that produce the cross section as result in the video at time 5:15….. (grade break)
    please post help to:

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