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The ArchDaily 2018 Gift Guide

December 11, 2018 AD Editorial Team 0

The holiday season may be one of joy, but there’s always a little panic involved as well. You want to treat your loved ones to a gift they’ll treasure and appreciate, but where to start?

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House of the Flying Beds / AL BORDE

November 20, 2018 AD Editorial Team 0

Built in the late eighteenth century, at first sight the house gave the impression of not being useful at all. It had only one-floor plan, the brick floor was broken, the eighty square meters were dark and cold, and the wood roof structure was rotten. Only the earth walls seemed able to be refurbish, which at first glance they did not look so bad at all.

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The Workplace Paradox: Join the IE School of Architecture and Design’s Master Class

November 19, 2018 AD Editorial Team 0

At IE School of Architecture and Design, we know that the world of work is changing so fast that we cannot always keep up. Industry disruptors, such as emerging technologies, are unsettling the setup of the traditional office. Workforce demands, the ongoing talent war, and the threat of job replacement by AI all contribute to a workforce under tremendous pressure, creating new dynamics at work.

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Erieta Attali’s Poetic Archaeology of Light Shows Architecture in Extreme Terrains

November 6, 2018 AD Editorial Team 0

Erieta Attali has devoted two decades to exploring the relationship between architecture and the landscape at the edges of the world. Attali’s photography interrogates how extreme conditions and demanding terrains provoke humankind to re-orient and center itself through architectural responses. Her unrelenting and highly physical expedition has seen her traverse four continents, working in isolated and remote terrains from Iceland to the Indian Ocean.