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House in Laax / Valerio Olgiati

February 28, 2021 Cristobal Rojas 0

The single-family house rises from a 10-20m wide and 90m long lot in Laax, Switzerland. Local building legislation only permitted the construction of volumes aboveground at opposite ends of the property. One end of the area is situated in the “village zone”, while an “agricultural zone” surrounds the other end. Two completely opposite worlds form the context of this house.

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2Y House / Sebastián Irarrázaval

February 13, 2021 Cristobal Rojas 0

The main objectives of the house are two. Firstly; that it integrates the forest into the daily experience of the user and Secondly; that it receives as much light and sun as possible during the entire day. For that purpose, the program is fit in a 2Y letters diagram that creates not only double orientations for entering the sun at different times of the day but also exposes the inhabitant to views that surround him. In other words, the extremely extended perimeter of the house and its bifurcations, in opposition to a compact organization, potentiates the experience of being, not in front of the exteriority, but within it.  More specifically, of being among the sun and trees in a parietal relationship.

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Lucky Knot / NEXT architects

January 15, 2021 Cristobal Rojas 0

NEXT architects are working on a unique series of bridges all over the world. This time, their latest design isn’t an intriguing bat bridge (nominated for the 2016 Dutch Design Awards), but an iconic bridge in China: the Lucky Knot. The new steel pedestrian bridge in the Chinese mega city Changsha is 185 metres long and 24 metres high and fits perfectly in the sequence of extraordinary bridges that characterise NEXT’s practice; by explicitly engaging with the local context, the bridge designs offer new perspectives.

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Costa Nova Social and Cultural Center / ARX Portugal

December 26, 2020 Cristobal Rojas 0

The building is located on the Costa Nova dunes, between the beach and the Avenue Nossa Senhora da Saúde leading to it. The sand is cut by a wide net of wooden walkways, which go over the dunes and allow pedestrian crossing from the urban cluster to the beach. To the east, the street is mainly composed by small apartment buildings, two or three stories high. At street level there’s no actual sea view but one can sense its presence beyond the dune.

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Tenhachi House / Tenhachi Architect & Interior Design

December 4, 2020 Cristobal Rojas 0

This is a renovation for our own apartment in Kanagawa. .8 (TENHACHI) Architect & Interior design reconfigured the layout of the 67-square-meter property, creating one big open space with two open box spaces. The concrete ceiling and beams are left exposed throughout, contrasting with the white walls and furniture doors that have been added. None of the walls reach the ceiling, which allows us to see that the new infill pieces are different from the structure of the original concrete.

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Vestre Fjord Park / ADEPT

October 24, 2020 Cristobal Rojas 0

The Limfjord itself, the largest fjord landscape in Denmark, is the grand potential of Vestre Fjord Park. Here one finds ‘real’ nature – water, bird life, fish, fields, beach and meadows – that together with a wide variety of physical activities and outdoor facilities create the setting for new active experiences related to both nature and the city.

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Tilt Roof House / BCHO Architects

October 10, 2020 Cristobal Rojas 0

The subterranean Tilt Roof House is set amid peaceful mountains and rice fields an hour east of Seoul in Korea. The house shows our understanding and consideration of “Ki”, which is the traditional term for the universal energy that permeates through everything.

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Skjern River Pump Stations / Johansen Skovsted Arkitekter

September 30, 2020 Cristobal Rojas 0

The project is a conversion of three pump stations originally constructed in the late 1960s in connection with the large land reclamation project where Skjern River was straightened out. A large number of environmental problems were associated with this alignment of the river, leading to the river being restored to its original run in 2002. In this way a vast and rich natural area reappeared with many visitors.