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Alexis Christodoulou: “Anyone Who is Qualified as an Architect Inspires Me”

October 6, 2019 Danae Santibañez 0

Immersing ourselves into Instagram’s extensive photo galleries, we discovered a record of modern aesthetics, minimalist design, with a warm color palette that seeks to represent noble materials — all these assemble into incredible digital worlds created by the self-taught artist Alexis Christodoulou. Read on to learn about the artist’s intentions, inspirations, and how he was influenced by videogames, in the following interview.

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ArchDaily Topics – June: Travel

June 14, 2019 Danae Santibañez 0

As architects, we are on an endless journey of discovery, open to new experiences that fuel our creativity. We explore our surroundings and beyond, we travel to expand our views and open our mind, being often exposed to the unexpected. All these experiences are stored in our mental hard drive until the inspiration moment comes, drawing random non-linear connections between them and putting us into a state of divergent thinking, from where new ideas appear. 

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Trip around the chestnut / Gadea Burgaz + Pablo Losa

June 6, 2019 Danae Santibañez 0

”Trip around the chestnut” is a dry assemblage of wooden elements designed to emphasize the blossoming of the chestnut.
The project is an open air pavilion covered by sections in various parts. You can enter through 15 different doors, having a view through 13 windows, all centered around a chestnut, providing a cheery meeting place to sit a socialize.

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16 Temporary Pavilions that Reflect on Public Space

May 19, 2019 Danae Santibañez 0

The International Festival of Concentric Architecture and Design is characterized by its temporary displays that take place throughout the city. For this year’s festival, 16 exhibits have been created that seek to experiment with spaces both within and outside the city of Logroño, bringing with them a whole new way to see and experience the urban surroundings.