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Casa Candelaria / Cherem arquitectos

June 19, 2021 Florencia Mena 0

Casa Candelaria, Located at the outsides of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, was conceived under concepts that detonate the strength in its presence and belonging to the place where it uproots, for which it was decided to return to the program of the Mexican haciendas and solve the new house around courtyards which themselves contain an activity that represents the tension and the relationship between the functions of the volumes that surround it.

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Constitución Public Library / Sebastián Irarrazaval

May 29, 2021 Florencia Mena 0

The Public Library is part of a public-private initiative taken to rebuild the city of Constitución after the 8.8 degrees earthquake and tsunami that devastated the town during the year 2010. It is a small settlement situated in the very core of one of the biggest clusters of wood production in Chile. This situation gives identity to the town and also creates the best conditions to find not only high quality wood materials but also extremely well gifted carpenters to carefully craft a wooden building.

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Studio Dwelling at Rajagiriya / Palinda Kannangara Architects

March 23, 2021 Florencia Mena 0

This is an office and residence of an architect, located by a marsh, in Rajagiriya Sri Lanka. Although located along urban fringe near a series of high-rise buildings, and close to the main road, the building is designed like a fortification. It is sealed from the Colombo heat (with specially designed double screens to limit western and southern exposure), traffic and noises of the road but once within reveals unexpected views of the adjoining marsh and is totally permeable to the natural setting. The building plays with volumes to create many areas for living, work and leisure, and also with materials and tectonic devices to create a cooler microclimate within the building, encouraging daylight, and views to the marsh, harvesting and regulating rain water, and creating gardens for biodiversity. The design also takes into account its location by the water, creating garden spaces that act as detention area during monsoons, thus preventing the living/ workspaces from flooding. 

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House of Hunting / Arkitema Architects

September 5, 2020 Florencia Mena 0

Jagtens Hus is situated on Mols peninsula in the eastern part of Jutland, Denmark, and is the new domicile for the Danish Hunter Association. In the two main longhouses you find the association’s administration, laboratory, education facilities, cantina and a build-in “hunting lodge”, all of which is closely linked to the surrounding nature. The black buildings are kept neutral and rough, to make room for the woods, the meadow and Kalø Inlet all of which embraces the domicile. 

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Co-working utopic_US Conde de Casal / Izaskun Chinchilla

July 31, 2020 Florencia Mena 0

According to many studies, the coworking phenomenon is intrinsicly associated to the urban lifestyle. The density and diversity of people and oportunities that a big metropolis produces, encourages the apparition of places where its fundamental purpouse is sharing creativity. This is why it seemed natural for us that our spaces payed tribute and were inspired by great cities.
utopic_US is a young and creative company, we could even say it is a little bit carefree… and the idea was to mix inspirations and memories of two cities, with the real soul of the firm. At the same time Izaskun Chinchilla Architects looks to strengthen the link between design and user by means of interactuation and surprise.

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The Void / Hyunjoon Yoo Architects

July 12, 2020 Florencia Mena 0

The Community Center in Aphae-do, Shinan-gun, Jeollanam-do is located on a special site, and has a special programme. First of all, it was my first building project to be built on an island. Second, the main programme of the building was the public bath and restaurant for the elders in the village. The elders, who make up most of the population in the fishing village, do not have a decent bathing facility in their home.

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Zen House / H.a

May 13, 2020 Florencia Mena 0

The owners are all Buddhists looking forward to having a place of peace, tranquility and completely free from the hustle city.This is not simply a house, it is a monastery…