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Pinghe Bibliotheater / OPEN Architecture

January 23, 2021 韩爽 - HAN Shuang 0

Pinghe Bibliotheater is the core of OPEN’s latest project—School as Village/Shanghai Qingpu Pinghe International School. A library, a theater, and a black box interlock together like a Chinese puzzle to form this characteristic building that some call ‘the blue whale’ while others see it as an ocean liner. The unique form of the building and the free-flowing spaces not only cultivate the students’ interests in reading and performing, but also encourage their imagination to roam freely in the ocean of knowledge.

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“Suzhou Bay Cultural Center is a Coexistence of Large and Small scales”: Interview with Christian de Portzamparc

December 23, 2020 韩爽 - HAN Shuang 0

The Suzhou Bay Cultural Center is part of a series of emblematic projects initiated by the city’s Wujiang Lakefront Masterplan. Located on the shores of Lake Tai, the deserted plain was discovered by Christian de Portzamparc in 2013, while rethinking the future city. It was then built so quickly, that the architect never ceased to be amazed after every visit. Alive, it is like a real Manhattan of towers organized through a grid of streets and avenues, bordering a central pedestrian axis that heads towards the lake. It was clear that the meeting of this pedestrian axis and the great lake would generate an exceptional place, and it was on this site, on each side, that the cultural center was to be implanted in the architecture competition.

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Zhuhai Museum / gmp Architects

December 16, 2020 韩爽 - HAN Shuang 0

Located on Zhuhai’s coastal road, the new museum benefits from the proximity of the water as well as the mountains and a park in the background, whilst also being close to the opera house. Both buildings, the museum/exhibition complex and the opera house, represent a new statement for the entrance to Zhuhai city for travelers coming from the north.

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LAND Community Center / EID Architecture

November 11, 2020 韩爽 - HAN Shuang 0

Located in the new district of Fengdong near Xi’an, LAND Community Center serves as a social and cultural venue for the burgeoning neighborhood. Conceived as a floating gateway for a new residential development, LAND Community Center consists of community service center, cafeteria, gallery, multi-purpose room for educational and recreational purposes, reading room, a daycare center for children, it also provides a gymnasium for badminton and basketball courts, a fitness workout room and swimming pool below grade. These recreational spaces are organized around an oval sunken courtyard to allow the natural light to penetrate into the underground facilities.

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Yunyang Riverfront Visitor Center in Chongqing / Atelier Deshaus

November 5, 2020 韩爽 - HAN Shuang 0

Yunyang is located in the hinterland of the Three Gorges Dam area in Chongqing, and the county sits on the southern slope of Longji Ridge north to the Yangtzi River. A visitor center was planned along the riverfront greenbelt to serve the citizens for leisure. The client wanted to fill up the small bay down the Yunyang Port and reclaim it as the site for the project. In contrast to the grand Yangtzi River, the tranquil bay has a unique landscape character. Its north, east and downstream shores are natural cliffs falling straight into the water, while the greenbelt down the bay was to be put on top of the cliff. The west and upstream shores are slopes leading into the water, currently being transformed into engineered river bank and revetment, where the greenbelt upstream will be placed in the future. According to the building scheme, the embankment construction would stretch almost straight from the upstream all the way down to the east-side cliff of the bay. The connection between the bay and the river would thus be cut off, and the bay would turn into stagnant water, if not to be filled up. As the river bank extends to the cliff, the greenbelt on the bank is still more than ten meters lower than that on top of the cliff, which also makes it difficult to bridge the two.

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Rice Wine Factory / DnA

October 15, 2020 韩爽 - HAN Shuang 0

Shantou Village in Dadongba Town has a long history for its rice wine production in the County. Every autumn, after the glutinous rice matures, the villagers start to brew wine. The medicinal liquor is taken from the local Polygonum hydropiper, squeezed into juice, and added with rice flour. After more than seven processes such as fermentation and sun drying, this white wine is made and added during brewing. 

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Jingdezhen Imperial Kiln Museum / Studio Zhu-Pei

September 22, 2020 韩爽 - HAN Shuang 0

Context. Located in the center of a historical area, the site of the Museum is adjacent to the Imperial Kiln ruins surrounding with many ancient kiln complexes. Jingdezhen is known as the “Porcelain Capital” in the world because it has been producing pottery for 1,700 years. In the Ming and Qing dynasties, Jingdezhen exported a huge amount of porcelains to Europe.

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Tencent Beijing Headquarters / OMA

September 21, 2020 韩爽 - HAN Shuang 0

Tencent’s new headquarters in Beijing will accommodate thousands of employees. Instead of seeking soaring heights to host the expansion of the digital workforce, OMA designed a square-shaped floating volume of merely 7 floors that stretches out horizontally, with the exceptionally large floorplan of 180 x 180m.

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Shenzhen Prince Plaza / OMA

August 28, 2020 韩爽 - HAN Shuang 0

Shekou is defined by a mixed landscape. Mountains and sea, an industrial fabric from the early economic reform era, and recent skyscrapers form a dynamic context. Prince Plaza is located in Shekou’s Sea World district—a unique coastal zone in Shenzhen backed by the Nanshan Mountains and facing the Shenzhen Bay, abundant in public outdoor spaces. The 200-metre mixed-use podium tower at once connects with Shekou’s latest commercial developments, its industrial past, and its everlasting natural environment.