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Quintessential Vacation Home On The Coast Of France

March 27, 2020 HD Staff 0

Casa Santa Teresa is a quintessential vacation home by the blue Mediterranean Sea, which rolls and froths just a few meters away along the coast of Ajaccio in France. The echo of the 1950s house that once stood here is reimagined by Amelia Tavella Architectes as a modern 400 square metre bright white building. Proximity […]

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Balancing Modern Minimalism In Black And White

March 26, 2020 HD Staff 0

The black and white decor palette works wonders in a modern minimalist pad. The weight of dark accents effectively anchors lighter parts, to achieve a sense of permanence and balance. This is an important aspect when fashioning a layout that goes lightly on furniture and accessories, as each significance becomes key. We’ve put together this […]

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Uplifting Blue Interiors That Give That Blue Sky Mood

March 25, 2020 HD Staff 0

We all love to have a breezy blue sky mood, so why not give yourself a boost by shaping the decor inside of your very own home to promote a positive outlook. Blue is the colour of fine weather, calm waters, and good times, and we all need more of those. Team blue accents with […]

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51 Rectangle Coffee Tables that Stand Out with Style and Functionality

March 24, 2020 HD Staff 0

The classic rectangle coffee table has been a ubiquitous part of the living room landscape for decades, yet the design innovation has never stopped evolving. Finding something that breaks the traditional mold is easier than ever. In this post, we’ve collected a list of unique rectangle coffee table designs you can find online right now. […]

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Rustic Yet Elegant Minimalist Apartment With Light Play

March 23, 2020 HD Staff 0

A rustic yet elegant 155 square metre apartment resides in Cidade Jardim, Brazil, created by architect Nildo José and team. Casa Dendê Duratex is a clean and minimalist architecture. Crisp lines are employed and covered in a monochrome colour palette to convey an atmosphere of modern sophistication. However, curvaceous elements come into play too, dramatically […]

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Product Of The Week: A Space Saving Foldable Exercise Bike

March 22, 2020 HD Staff 0

During these difficult times of being contained at home, keeping yourself fit and active can prove to be a challenge. Here is a small-home-friendly exercise bike that will help you get your daily dose of activity from the comfort of your home. Get it on Amazon. Even if you are not in a position to […]

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Sensational Bathrooms With Natural Timeless Elegance

March 20, 2020 HD Staff 0

Bathrooms both big and small can become sensational spaces when given the right aesthetics, but where to begin? This extensive gallery of incredible bathroom design comes to us from worldwide bathroom product manufacturers, Cocoon. Timeless elegance threads through this inspirational modern collection, along with a tangible passion for craftsmanship and the prolific use of natural […]

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Pink And Grey Home Interiors With Cool Unique Design Features

March 19, 2020 HD Staff 0

Take a tour around these two refreshingly individual pink and grey interiors–each one of them inspirationally unique in terms of both colour and style. There is something so undeniably soothing about the soft pink hue. It effortlessly rounds out any hard edged, ultra sleek interior scheme without taking anything away from its modernity. This duo […]

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51 Bedside Tables that Blend Convenience and Style in the Bedroom

March 17, 2020 HD Staff 0

A well-composed bed is never complete without the right tables to frame it. In this post, we’ve collected 51 bedside tables for every taste – some that emphasize function, some that delight with a unique look, and many that combine the best of both worlds. Whether you’re looking for a creative storage solution or just […]