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Sensors in Concrete: New Technology to Improve Efficiency and Avoid Material Waste

December 23, 2021 José Tomás Franco 0

Control of concrete strength and maturity in large-scale projects has traditionally been recorded and measured manually. Nowadays, there are new technologies that allow builders to melt sensors directly into the concrete, which –connected to a transmitter– show continuous data on the material’s temperatures, sending this data wirelessly to the cloud platform. The software then automatically calculates maturity and strength based on historical data, so the concrete mix and strength development process can be followed from any device and in real-time.

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Offices with Integrated Greenery: 7 Notable Examples

December 16, 2021 José Tomás Franco 0

Offices have evolved tremendously in recent years. They are becoming more and more like a domestic space, incorporating new color palettes, flexible furnishings, warm textures, and even greenery as part of the design. In the latter case, it is not simply an aesthetic addition, but the greenery is integrated in such a way that it completely transforms and enhances the work experience of the people inside. How can plants become protagonists of the workspace? Let’s review 7 cases that creatively integrate them in favor of the well-being of users.

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The Bathroom Behind the Bed: 8 Bedrooms With Integrated Bathrooms

December 2, 2021 José Tomás Franco 0

Unlike classical architecture, characterized by a series of rooms with very defined functions and spaces, the current architectural design seeks to integrate spaces to achieve high degrees of adaptability and flexibility. In this way, the boundaries of the enclosures are blurred and new solutions appear that are worth analyzing. In the case of bedrooms, bathrooms are often no longer a small and secluded adjoining room – instead, they are now integrated to form a multifunctional space that is subtly concealed. Just like Mies van der Rohe, who used to group services in strategic areas to create open floors, let’s review some cases that have adopted the specific solution of the hidden bathroom just behind the bed.

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Wooden Architecture for a Carbon-neutral Future: Winning Projects of the ICONIC AWARDS

November 1, 2021 José Tomás Franco 0

The European Union intends to be climate neutral by 2050. This will require decarbonization at all levels of the economy, and the construction sector will have a particularly key role to play. The sector accounts for around 40% of CO2 emissions globally, and steel and concrete, in particular, require enormous amounts of energy to produce. There needs to be a paradigm shift to replace these building materials and their associated environmental impact. Natural and renewable building materials play a crucial role in this.

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Lighting Products and Projects Design: Meet the Winners of the 2021 A ‘Design Awards

October 11, 2021 José Tomás Franco 0

Seeking to deliver high visibility and recognition to the world’s best designers, architects, and design-oriented companies, A ‘Design Award & Competition is the world’s largest annual juried design competition. The A ‘Design Awards are organized and awarded internationally in over 100 categories, ranging from industrial design to architecture. Each year, the winning projects receive public relations, advertising, and marketing services to celebrate their success, at no additional cost to them.

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Architecture With SIP Panels: Fast-Build, High-Performance Prefabricated Homes

August 3, 2021 José Tomás Franco 0

SIP panels (Structural Insulated Panels) are self-supporting panels composed of a rigid foam core that is located between two structural coverings, usually OSB boards. Resistant and lightweight, the panels are manufactured in a controlled manner in the factory and then transferred to the construction site, allowing for the rapid assembly of floors, walls, and ceilings, and generating a hermetic thermal and acoustic envelope. The thickness of the panel will correspond to the sum of the thickness of each of its components, and its weight should not exceed 20 kg per square meter.

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Sauna Construction Details: Examples of Small-Scale Wooden Architecture

May 27, 2021 José Tomás Franco 0

Due to its specific characteristics, the architecture of the sauna is interesting because it gives us lessons related to efficiency and the beauty of simplicity. These are generally very basic structures with a clear function, created to contain different levels of heat and humidity. Thanks to this steam bath, people can release toxins and improve their blood circulation. In addition, they are widely used in cold climates, in close proximity to nature and utilizing the presence of water.

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Comfort & Sustainability in Architecture: Trends 2021

April 14, 2021 José Tomás Franco 0

Just before the global lockdowns began in response to the spread of the widely discussed COVID-19, we met with Saint Gobain experts at their new headquarters in Paris to discuss an extensive investigation conducted in 2019, with the aim of understanding the transformations that architecture and construction have experienced in recent years. After an interesting exchange of ideas, we chose the most relevant topics to be analyzed in depth by our team of editors, resulting in a series of articles that combined the trends identified with the unexpected events that occurred during 2020, connecting them directly to architectural design.