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8 Tips for Harmony in the Kitchen (9 photos)

April 16, 2021 Laura Gaskill 0

There are probably as many ways to handle cooking and kitchen chores as there are people — is it any wonder the kitchen tends to be a hub for minor (but irritating) household disagreements? Whether you and your partner or housemate have been bickering…

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Simple Pleasures: Scent and Memory (13 photos)

April 4, 2021 Laura Gaskill 0

Thinking back to my childhood home, I remember the smells most vividly: the jasmine growing by the mailbox; the honeysuckle vines climbing the back fence; the clean, simple scent of baby bubble bath; even the subtle background scent of polished wood f…

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Simple Pleasures: Put Pen to Paper (10 photos)

February 7, 2021 Laura Gaskill 0

Do you remember the last handwritten note you received? I’m willing to bet you do (even if it was some time ago), because even a few handwritten lines tend to feel so much more meaningful than an email or text. It really doesn’t…