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CBC House / Estudio MMX

April 22, 2021 María Francisca González 0

This project, located west of Mexico City, experiments with the diversity of environments experienced when walking through it. For its design we considered wide open spaces to complement the distant views and interlock with the closed and intimate spaces, in sequence, designed to to enjoy the change of scales, heights and chiaroscuros of the site and the house.

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The State of Architecture: ArchDaily 2021 Trend Forecasting & Analytics

February 8, 2021 María Francisca González 0

With the major happenings of the past year, our built environment and people’s needs within it seemed to change. Different ways of Architectural thinking and design solutions were put forth, showing how global events are capable of pushing the limits of the profession, increasing our responsibility, and also our opportunities to contribute to a better quality of life in every possible way. At ArchDaily, we have continued to connect with architects and designers from all over the globe and have shared diverse works, all displaying relevant implementations and architectural solutions that have an impact on our community. 

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Burnside Tokyo Culinary Space / Snohetta

February 3, 2021 María Francisca González 0

Using food to empower communities, Ghetto Gastro celebrates the Bronx as an inspiration and catalyst of global culture. Burnside builds upon this creative energy where the Bronx and Tokyo meet. Since their founding in 2012, Ghetto Gastro’s work to explore global food traditions has led to immersive culinary experiences produced with the approach of art installations. Inspired by this intersection of cultures, Snøhetta, en one tokyo, Ghetto Gastro, and local architect kooo architects have teamed up with artisanal, handmade sound system designer Devon Turnbull (Ojas), and flower artist Makoto Azuma to create an unparalleled dining and social experience that combines the elements of a bodega with a bar.

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Best Houses of 2020

December 23, 2020 María Francisca González 0

Residential architecture is one of the most popular categories among our readers. During 2020 we’ve published more than 2,000 houses, featuring projects from different regions of the world and offering a variety of solutions, materials, contexts, environments, scales, and typologies. Providing a broad source of inspiration for those seeking references for their own residential project.

Below you will find the 20 most-visited residential projects featured on ArchDaily during 2020. This selection represents the best content created and shared by the ArchDaily community over the past 11 months.

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Best Architectural Projects of 2020

December 15, 2020 María Francisca González 0

On behalf of the entire ArchDaily team, we would like to thank you for your continued support and for making 2020 our best year so far! We are now reaching more architects around the world and inspiring them in the creation of better built environments. With more than 5500 different projects published during the year, our curators are excited to share this collection of the 100 most visited projects of 2020. This selection represents the best content created and shared by the ArchDaily community over the past 11 months.