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Tea House in Li Garden / Atelier Deshaus

August 22, 2020 尚夕云 - SHANG Xiyun 0

The Tea House is located in an approximately 110 m2 little garden, where a tall paulownia stands and covers our little building under its huge crown. Before that, this small place could not be seriously called garden, for it was something residue left by two staircases connecting to the neighboring office. Therefore, how to make the Tea House occupy this space at a minimum level so as to form a garden, becomes a key point in the design process.

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Backyard / CCDI

September 17, 2018 尚夕云 - SHANG Xiyun 0

The backyard, located in northwest of Beijing, seated at the foothills of Baihujian natural scenery, is a typical Beijing three-section compound which stands in a traditional village architecture complex. There is a hundred acre picking garden right beside the west of the rail, which extends to the hillside.

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Qingli Hotel / Elsedesign + DPD

July 17, 2018 尚夕云 - SHANG Xiyun 0

The projects start with an invitation from one 80’s couple, they like to make a small hotel after they visited Weizhou Island. It is my first time to hear about this island and our studio is excited to accept the commission.

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Workplace – The Work Project / Bean Buro

June 12, 2018 尚夕云 - SHANG Xiyun 0

Bean Buro completes an unprecedented workplace consisting serviced offices and co-working spaces that allows members complete freedom to adjust their office space and duration according to their evolving needs. Office bookings can be made as easy as booking a hotel, for stays as short as one day.