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The Perfect Render: Understanding and Mastering Rendering Techniques

May 7, 2021 Victor Delaqua 0

Rendering has become indispensable to most architectural offices. To understand how these images can assist during the design process, how they have evolved, and especially, what aspects should be considered to create an outstanding visualization of a project, we talked to Guilherme Bravin and Marcus Vinicius Damon, co-founders of Estúdio Módulo, and coordinators of {CURA}, an open architecture school focused mainly on architectural visualization.

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“When Humans are in Motion, Architecture Gains Meaning”: Behind the Scenes with Nicolás Castagnola

April 23, 2021 Victor Delaqua 0

In this episode of “Behind the Scenes”, where we showcase the work of visionary artists and ask about their experiences beyond what is seen by the public, we are presenting Nicolás Castagnola: an illustrator, animator, and architect born in Buenos Aires and based in Berlin. Through his illustrations and animations, he brings different meanings to architecture by opening an imaginative field about the infinite possibilities that the built environment can provide.

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“Without Great Architecture We Are Nothing”: Behind the Scenes with Edmund Sumner

March 29, 2021 Victor Delaqua 0

At ArchDaily, we always aspire to provide our community with all the tools and knowledge to help imagine, design, and build better cities. In order to bring inspiration and present more about what goes on beyond a complete project, we are launching a new series titled “Behind the Scenes”, where we showcase the work of visionary photographers, artists, and curators, and ask some questions that allow them to share more of what they do with the world. In every episode, we will be sharing with you the answers, along with images and videos of their work. 

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From Past to Future: The Urgency of “Green” in Architecture

March 10, 2021 Victor Delaqua 0

The climate crisis has revealed the poor planning of our cities and the spaces we inhabit. Both construction and projects contribute to high carbon gas emissions. Fortunately, there are several ways to intervene to bring change into this scenario, either through materials and techniques adopted in each initiative or through geographical and social impact. In this scenario, the only certainty is that: to think about the future we cannot ignore the “green” in all its recent meanings from nature to sustainability, and ecology.

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The 10 Most Liked Photos in @archdaily Instagram in 2020

December 18, 2020 Victor Delaqua 0

In a year marked by physical distance, social networks have gained an even greater dimension in the ways of relating to people and getting informed. Our channel on Instagram has surpassed its number of reach and brought to the public the best of what we publish on our page: projects, articles, interviews, and news from the world of architecture, inspiring new ideas and tools for a better future to our cities.

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The Body and “Smart Comfort” in Architecture: A Conversation with Marcelo Ferraz

October 30, 2020 Victor Delaqua 0

Understanding the relationship between body and space is fundamental to offer the many different experiences that architecture can provide. To reflect on the distinctive scales that encompass the work of an architect, from buildings to furniture, we interviewed Marcelo Ferraz, co-founder of Brasil Arquitetura and Marcenaria Baraúna. His outlook and experience illustrate how the body and its symbolism are crucial when designing a project regardless of its scale.

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How Small Can A Home Be? A Glimpse into the Smallest Houses in the World

September 26, 2020 Victor Delaqua 0

Sheltering is a fundamental issue in Architecture. The ways of living and interacting with the space in which we spend our daily lives is an everlasting debate in the field, which is committed to providing a better quality of life, but also to developing new ways of living. By adding other aspects such as real estate speculation, high housing density in urban centers, the pursuit of nomadism, or even the sheer desire to follow a trend, the debate around small-scale houses becomes even more relevant. And so, we ask ourselves, what is the smallest area required to live in?