1. @utooberblooper …. Not anymore. Autodesk went from OpenGL to Direct3D. So the GeForce actually runs better than the Quadro for Autocad. Get it. 🙂

  2. Autocad has moved from OpenGL to Direct3D. Therefore, you no longer need a Workstation class graphics card. They even test and certify “gaming” class graphics cards on their site… such as the GeForce cards. This means you can get a lot more bang for the buck.

    A perfect example are the 2 nVidia cards below.
    Quadro FX 4800 = $1550
    GeForce GTX480 = $500 (better specs than the Quadro card at a 3rd of the price)

  3. @02daft If they got Newtek, there would be an uprising…of sorts. At least, their had better be if such a thing happens. I mean, they got Maya, softimage……ahhhh.

  4. @02daft what? thats not true dude. it inspires me to create new things. and probably millions of others too. what to you use?, Blender?

  5. @MachineXenon cool. I went out and bout a firepro v8750 not to long after i saw this. It tears through my 3d applications. thanks though..

  6. i hate autodesk they represent the death of creativity. i hope that you’ll never get your dirty hands on newtek.

  7. @xxxyboy3000 did you watch the video,and listen to what she was saying?a geforce is for gaming etc,a quadro is for autocad and business,get it?

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