Tutorial | AutoCAD 2011: Migrating from Windows to Mac—Opening and managing drawings

Watch the entire course at AutoCAD 2011: Migrating from Windows to Mac with Jeff Bartels covers the fundamental differences between the 2011 Mac OS X version of AutoCAD and the venerable PC edition, allowing designers to leverage existing AutoCAD skills and easily transition to the new environment. This course runs through both a typical 2D and 3d design workflow, covering its workspace, tools, customization options, and strategies users can apply working in a mixed Windows and Mac environment.


  1. @hoarp001

    This video is from a new course on Lynda for Windows users to get acquainted with the new Mac interface. See my post above. It’s helped me learn it from a beginner’s perspective with the Mac software, though I would like to see some more in depth courses.

  2. Learning with this course now, very good stuff for a new user to AutoCAD period. Although, are there anymore plans for Mac users to get a bit more in depth with basic commands and navigation? It seems that occasionally the instructor will use a command in assumption that the viewer already knows how or why. I have to pause and try to find where he is coming from with a couple of things.

  3. I used Lynda years ago to learn how to use Final Cut Pro, and the tutorials were fantastic, and I would like to be able to use your site to learn Autocad. Only thing is, I am using Autocad Mac 2011, not autocad windows. Is the autocad 2011 software for windows the same as the mac version to use?

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