Pritzker Architecture Prize 2015 Frei Otto

Frei Otto was born in Siegmar, Germany, on May 31, 1925, and grew up in Berlin. “Frei” in German means “free”; his mother thought of the name after attending a lecture on freedom. Otto’s father and grandfather were both sculptors, and as a young student, he worked as an apprentice in stonemasonry during school holidays. For a hobby he flew and designed glider planes — this activity piqued his interest in how thin membranes stretched over light frames could respond to aerodynamic and structural forces.

1-frei-otto-roofing-for-main-sports-facilities-in-the-munich-olympic-park 2-frei-otto-roof-for-the-mannheim-multihalle 3-frei-otto-the-1967-international-and-universal-exposition 4-frei-otto-diplomatic-club-heart-tent frei-otto-aviary-in-the-munich-zoo frei-otto-city-in-the-arctic-model_0 frei-otto-hall-at-the-international-garden-exhibition frei-otto-institute-for-lightweight-structures-interior frei-otto-shigeru-ban-japan-pavilion-expo-2000-hannover frei-otto-umbrellas-for-pink-floyd-1977-concert-tour