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Product Of The Week: A Unique Modern Cuckoo Clock

September 6, 2020 HD Staff 0

A modern take on the classic cuckoo clock. A great feature of this beautiful clock is the natural chirping sounds the bird makes. Hear the sound here. Get it on Amazon. Recommended Reading:  33 Unique Cuckoo Clocks That Go Great With Modern Decor

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Product Of The Week: A Beautiful Hanging Clock

April 26, 2020 HD Staff 0

Just a beautiful minimalist wall clock that will add a wood accent to the wall. Available in numbered and non numbered versions. Get it on Amazon. Recommended Reading:  34 Wooden Wall Clocks To Warm Up Your Interior

41 Mid Century Modern Clocks To Accessorize Your Wall, Desk, Or Mantel

March 19, 2019 HD Staff 0

The perfect accessory to pull together any Mid-Century Modern living room, bedroom, office, dining room, or den. With their unmatched style and timeless designs, Mid-Century Modern clocks are a timepiece that you and your decor don’t want to miss. In the words of the iconic designer Charles Eames, “The details are not the details. They […]

Product Of The Week: Amazon Echo Wall Clock With Timer

December 23, 2018 HD Staff 0

Get your IoT game up with the new Echo wall clock from Amazon. Besides being a stylishly minimalist wall clock that is easy to read, the clock has 60 LED displays that let you visually track the timers you have set through your Alexa device. Get it on Amazon. Recommended Reading:  50 Cool And Unique […]

Cool Product Alert: LaMetric Smart Clock

July 23, 2017 HD Staff 0

The LaMetric Smart Clock tells you a lot more than just time. You can customize it to display the information you care about. Check it out: Check out the video to see it in action: You can get it on Amazon. Recommended Reading: 50 Unique Desk Clocks