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Luxurious Modern Boho Interiors

September 22, 2022 HD Staff 0

Boho elements bring a relaxed essence to these two luxurious modern home designs. The earthy boho accents softly counteract the crisp linearity of contemporary furniture and upmarket abodes. In our first featured visualization, we tour a high-end residence that’s detailed with elegant curves and designer wooden furniture. The boho spirit flows out onto a welcoming […]

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Expressive Espresso And Cream Interiors

September 21, 2022 HD Staff 0

Rich espresso, walnut, and cream decor elements combine to create these three tasteful modern home interiors. The warm color blend builds expressive spaces that are cozy and welcoming, while highly fashionable and sophisticated. Chic furniture pieces and bespoke storage units make up refined layouts where functionality is key. Accessories are pared back to allow ample […]

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Fashioning Luxurious Interiors With Gold Accents

September 5, 2022 HD Staff 0

Metallic gold accents deeply enrich these three luxurious modern home designs. The warm metal moments lift the light and ethereal interiors, adding elegant glimmers of interest. The rest of these alluring spaces are visions of white, with stunning marble elements and pale wood tones. Furniture is plush and high-end. Wall cladding is striking and abundant […]

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Sublime Black, White And Brown Home Interior

August 19, 2022 HD Staff 0

Rich brown accents offset a stark black and white backdrop in this chic modern home interior. The juxtaposition in tone creates a characterful colour story that feels long-established despite its contemporary elements. Designed by Sver Studio, the 140 square metre villa features a free-flowing living space and an impressive master bedroom suite. Furniture choices are […]

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40 Blue Couch Living Rooms With Tips And Ideas To Design Around The Color

August 17, 2022 HD Staff 0

Blue couches provide a hit of pzazz that can uplift even the dullest of living room design schemes. But why settle for just one great component? We’ve put together a collection of living room designs that will boldly complement a blue hero piece, from modern minimalist designs and industrial style spaces to cosy living rooms […]

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Energised Interior With Infusions Of Colour And Pattern

August 11, 2022 HD Staff 0

An elegant modern furniture selection gives this 123 square metre apartment a chic and sophisticated aesthetic. Designed by Julya Chernova, colourful accent walls, curtains, and statement pieces infuse beats of bold personality. Along with the colourful interludes comes an explosion of energised pattern, in the form of botanical prints, geometric designs, and trendy terrazzo finishes. […]

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Turn Up The Fun Factor With Orange Interior Design

August 5, 2022 HD Staff 0

Can you ever feel glum in an orange home interior? We think not. Vibrant orange accents turn up the fun factor in a home, making bright and inviting spaces. Orange decor exudes warmth and confidence that transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. We’ve brought together a collection of five orange-splashed interiors to inspire you on […]

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Bright Modern Interiors Connected By Green Accents

August 4, 2022 HD Staff 0

Made characterful with colour, these three modern home designs are bright and bold. Whilst each one communicates a very different aesthetic, all are connected by green accents. The green elements conjure a revitalising essence that feels close to nature. Our first featured tour is a scene of creative contrast. Clashing colours make a vibrant setting […]

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The Electric Effects Of Colour In Dark Spaces

July 28, 2022 HD Staff 0

Dark spaces set a strong image with a heavy mood. They appear dramatic and serious, cool and confident. So, what happens when you inject a little colour… Or a lot? These two modern home designs explore the combination of colourful brights in dark spaces, showing how to hit the balance just right. Our first home […]