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Warming Modern Spaces With Soothing Lighting

November 4, 2020 HD Staff 0

Highly modern home interiors look crisp in the bright light of day, but how does the sharp aesthetic translate into cosy evenings spent at home or dreary days? In the case of this pair of modern interiors, visualised by Hilight Design, soothing lighting changes the atmosphere into something very special. Diffused halos soften contemporary form, […]

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Peacefully Zen Modern Home In Thailand With Courtyards & Pool

October 29, 2020 HD Staff 0

Architect firm Inly Studio have expertly created a peaceful modern home design that complements both the hot and rainy climate of Chiang Mai, Thailand. Measuring 650 square metres, this impressive modern property features not just one, but three zen courtyards. The outdoor areas are bordered by sheltered walkways that shield from sun and rain. Wood […]

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Modern Red And Blue Interior Design Inspiration

September 4, 2020 HD Staff 0

Red and blue accents thread an appealing upbeat vibe through light modern interiors. The vibrancy is contagious, lifting the mood of those who would live there or just come to visit. Interiors with richness and solidity of colour communicate warmth and strength of character, keeping the eye moving and the mind guessing. Take a look […]

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How To Add Areas Of Interest To Dark Decor Schemes

August 28, 2020 HD Staff 0

Dark decor paints a suave and sophisticated aesthetic, but it’s easy for the effect to fall flat in the shadows. This is why it’s important to introduce elements of added visual interest, either by unexpected lighting solutions or with unusual furniture choices. Our first home design uses both of these concepts to shake up a […]

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3 Home Plans That Are Just Around 46 Square Meters (500 square feet)

August 19, 2020 HD Staff 0

Around 46 square meters (500 square feet) of space set the challenge for these three unique small home plans. Despite limitations, the modern trio set the bar high for style and small space innovation. We visit a light flat with an integrated kitchen island/dining table design and one storage packed bathroom. In contrast, we’ll tour […]

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Unique Family Hive Home In India

August 6, 2020 HD Staff 0

A decorative armour of geometric metal blocks builds the unique façade of this 600 square metre luxury home in Surat, Gujarat, India, designed by Openideas Architects. The form of the ‘Hive’ family home was inspired by the client’s profession in making machines for the diamond industry, and hexagonal structures found in honeycomb. An entire year’s […]

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Playful Modern Taiwanese Homes With Slides Inside

July 15, 2020 HD Staff 0

Kids are only little once, and these homeowner parents aren’t about to waste a moment of that precious time. Each of these three modern Taiwanese homes have been lovingly recreated as playful scenes of family bliss. The unique interiors see the traditional static living room turned on its head, and instead embrace the chaotic momentum […]

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Spacious Dark Interiors With Ruby Red Accents

July 10, 2020 HD Staff 0

If Count Dracula were cruising the housing market for a modern pad to replace his decaying castle, then these spacious dark interiors with blood red accents might catch his eye. The gothic inspired colour combo paints moody glamour through three dramatic concept homes, where it cocoons modern furniture, inspires a mysterious lighting scheme, and hushes […]

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Hot Multicolour Accents & Cool Concrete Interiors

June 26, 2020 HD Staff 0

Colour bleeds from artwork into the interiors of these São Paulo homes, pooling into accent furniture, upholstery and decor. While there is emphasis on art toys, figurines, modern sculpture and wall art, the interiors have become living masterpieces in their own right. The blaze of hot colour accents is cooled with raw concrete. A sobering […]

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Idyllic Beverly Hills Retreat In The Trousdale Estates

June 25, 2020 HD Staff 0

This idyllic Beverly Hills retreat is a 6,533 square foot single story new-build in the prestigious Trousdale Estates. The house beds onto the green hillside, where a backyard trail leads to a sweet vantage point with city views. It has been thoughtfully created in organic finishes and clean lines to build an iconic piece of […]