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Novacella Abbey Museum Addition / MoDusArchitects

June 10, 2021 Paula Pintos 0

Founded in 1142 and nestled within the vineyard-lined basin of the Eisack valley near Bressanone (Italy), the abbey not only represents one of the most significant architectural ensembles in South Tyrol today but also stands as a preeminent Augustinian Abbey of its time. Like a small, self-sufficient village, each building within the monastery complex played a specific role: the constituent churches, chapels, mills, workshops, wine cellars, and farmhouses formed an indelible nucleus—only a portion of which has been converted into a museum.

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Carnavalet Museum / Snøhetta

June 3, 2021 Paula Pintos 0

The renovated museum offers an enhanced visitor’s experience that provides a unique journey through time to discover the rich history of the city of Paris – a story told through 625,000 artefacts, including paintings, sculptures, furniture, woodwork, art pieces, and photography. Snøhetta has participated in the overall reorganization of the layout of the museum, working hand in hand with Chatillon Architectes to offer a new visitor experience that can accommodate a large number of visitors all while carefully respecting the original features of the museum.

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Museum of the Home / Wright & Wright Architects

June 1, 2021 Paula Pintos 0

The project revitalises an assemblage of 300-year old almshouses and gardens, consolidating the historic building with contemporary elements to create a sustainable and engaging public space. Wright & Wright’s remodelling creates 80% more exhibition space, 50% more public space and remedies the building’s deterioration, preserving a valuable local and national heritage asset for decades to come. It also introduces a new entrance directly opposite Hoxton Station, adds two new garden pavilions together with a street-facing cafe, and improves public access, with no increase in the building’s overall energy requirements.

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Museum of Outdoor Arts Element House / MOS Architects

May 23, 2021 Igor Fracalossi 0

The Museum of Outdoor Arts Element House is a structural insulated panel (SIPS) modular building designed to operate independently of public utilities by integrating passive systems and on-site energy-generation. The house functions as a guest house and visitor center for Star Axis, a nearby land art project by the artist Charles Ross in New Mexico.

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May 17, 2021 Valeria Silva 0

The purpose of the operation is the adequacy of the old sheds of the Matadero Municipal and the construction of adjoint spaces that allow the transformation of the whole in a museum space whose main character is kinetic sculptor Francisco Sobrino.

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The Renovation of Liangshu Art Museum / XAA

May 14, 2021 Yu Xin Li 0

The renovation of Liangshu Art Museum locates in a historical landscape zone of Nanchang, cohering the Chinese garden and the city. Upon completion, Liangshu Art Museum becomes a public facade of the city, as well as an important context of citizens’ leisure activities. The original building was a tea house of the Bayi Park for years. Although its exterior component suffered different degrees of damages after years of usage and vacancy, you could still easily find its elegant physical temperament from the past.

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National Monument Kamp Amersfoort / Inbo BV

May 5, 2021 Andreas Luco 0

Seventy-five years after the liberation of the Netherlands from WWII, National Monument Kamp Amersfoort was due for an update. During WWII this concentration camp housed 47.000 prisoners. In 2005 Inbo was commissioned to design a museum at this site. The camp became a place for remembrance. After a few decades, the museum needed a different presentation. After all, every new generation looks at the past differently. We took a fresh look at this underexposed site, of which almost nothing original was left, and created an experienceable event. Part of the grounds of the Police Academy became available. This meant we could start using the original entrance gate, one of the few remaining authentic elements of the camp. We connected the camp site to the forest.

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Biodome Science Museum / Kanva

May 2, 2021 Andreas Luco 0

Within the international architecture competition held by Montreal’s Space for Life Institution, KANVA’s mandate was to enhance the immersive experience between visitors and the science museum’s distinct ecosystems, as well as to transform the building’s public spaces. In doing so, the team proudly embraced the role that the Biodome plays in sensitizing humans to the intricacies of natural environments, particularly in the current context of climate change and the importance of understanding its effects.