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Ptt Saraphi Gas Station / Sher Maker

January 29, 2023 Hana Abdel 0

When the renovation of a gas station is a way to glorify the skill of the craftsman in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Sher Maker, a multidisciplinary design studio that is interested in craft culture designed an old gas station facade by collaborating with a local ceramic studio. PTT Saraphi station is a pilot project of this design program by PTTOR, an organization in charge of PTT’s affiliated gas stations in Thailand that want their station to become a public space for passers and people in the local area. Sher Maker keept the existing structure of the main sale building and encased it with the façade by questioning the possibility of the participation of local people by using the skills of a local craftsmanship studio.

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Beaumarchais Apartment Renovation / miogui

January 29, 2023 Paula Pintos 0

Situation. Project Beaumarchais takes place in a little alley, calm and vegetal, sheltered from noisy neighbors. The former commercial unit has to be transformed into a loft. The existing space is defined by its structure, metallic ceiling, beams, cinder blocks on the walls, its 3.85m under the ceiling, and by its depth, with only one facade towards the exterior to bring light in.

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Apartment Refurbishment in Barcelona / NOMO STUDIO

January 29, 2023 Agustina Coulleri 0

Largely untouched since its construction in the 1970s, this Barcelona penthouse underwent a complete redistribution to suit contemporary open-plan living. The design of the project responds to a modernized approach to a classic building in general and the will to preserve its inherited elegance, all in line with the preferences of the clients. The superfluous partitions are eliminated, connecting all the day areas in a large fluid space, thus preventing corridors.

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Schoenenkwartier Shoe Museum / Civic Architects

January 24, 2023 Paula Pintos 0

The Schoenenkwartier Museum is a new and innovative knowledge center for shoe design, shoe production, and shoe fashion in the center of Waalwijk, the Dutch leather and shoe city. It is housed in a listed building complex from the 1930s, by architect Alexander Kropholler, which has been partly renovated, transformed, and expanded. The buildings now house a collection of 12,000 objects, several permanent exhibitions, a knowledge center with a research library, workshop space and auditorium, a museum café, and laboratories for design and prototyping. Both the planning and design of the building and its interior map out a new inspiring future for the industry, the city, and the community, built on the values of the past.

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TanArt Community / Nomos Architects

January 20, 2023 Collin Chen 0

The Xi’an Shiyou University residential campus boiler station was planned in 1994 and finally completed in 1997. However, due to changes in the urban heating system, it was closed in 2014. When we visited it in 2019, despite being relatively new, the boiler station presented an intriguing image of a historical ruin, surrounded by urban residential buildings. This type of coal-burning boiler station was once common in North China. However, with the shift to a different energy supply system, this type of facility will no longer be built. The tall chimneys and large coal scuttles that were designed with instrumental rationality have become obsolete with the end of production. However, these useless structures, which were not regulated by present zoning laws, remind us of the simplicity and straightforwardness of that rapidly developing decade. This type of boiler station has become a historical symbol of those golden years, even though most are still under 30 years old.

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Renovation of the Primary School Affiliated to Longjiang Foreign Language School / Atelier cnS

January 19, 2023 Collin Chen 0

Overview – The Primary School Affiliated to Longjiang Foreign Language School (Wanggang School) is located in Longjiang, Shunde. The school is surrounded by a range of dense villages that are typical and symbolic in the Pearl River Delta. It is adjacent to Sanlian Industrial Park, which is the largest furniture industrial area in Longjiang. There is a strict limitation of land for school expansion and the contradiction between supply and demand on the campus space is very prominent. In order to meet the growing demands of high-quality education, the renovation manages to fully expand the existing land for the campus and improves the space utilization rate as much as possible, so as to ensure sufficient spaces for outdoor activities and to increase the number of the classroom from 22 classes to 42 classes.

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Renovation of the Jinping Lower Primary School / Atelier cnS

January 17, 2023 Collin Chen 0

Longjiang Central Primary School (Jinping Campus) is located at the foot of Jinping Mountain, Longjiang, Foshan. It was rebuilt from the existing Jinping Middle School in order to meet the growing demands for high-quality education in the central urban area. After the renovation, the lower grade campus can accommodate 20 classes of grades one and two. The renovation takes the advantage of the site, extracting a series of natural elements from Liyugang Park in Jinping Mountain and bringing them back to the campus design. By integrating and interacting with the natural environment, a campus that learns in nature is formed. This “campus in the park” or the “park in the campus” builds a bridge for first and second-year students to transition from kindergarten to primary school.

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Swampy Hollow / BLDUS

January 16, 2023 Pilar Caballero 0

Swampy Hollow is a project of entrances, reimagining the front and the rear of an existing 1990’s wooded home. At the front entry, simple 6×6 wood columns and a chunky 6×12 beam replace outdated decorative columns. At the rear, a small screened porch addition is a lofty but cozy structure that nestles into the complicated roof line by rhyming with the existing main gable of the house.