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Dezeen Awards 2021 studio public vote winners include all-female Sarit Shani Hay Design Studio

October 22, 2021 Elisa Barkan 0
Sarit Shani Hay Design Studio

SO-IL, Yakusha Design and four other studios have been chosen by Dezeen readers as winners of this year’s Dezeen Awards public vote in the studio categories. Other winners include Tel Aviv-based Sarit Shani Hay Design Studio and Yakusha Design, whose objects are rooted in Ukrainian cultural heritage. A total of 53,400 votes were cast and verified

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51 Piano Room Ideas With Tips And Inspiration To Help You Design Yours

October 13, 2021 HD Staff 0

From serious musicians to those who casually tickle the ivories, all can enjoy the captivating elegance of a piano room. A piano not only makes beautiful music but creates a stunning showpiece in a home, which sparks a special look of luxury and an air of culture. This collection of 51 piano room ideas is […]

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Chic Small Interiors That Make You Want To Live The Studio Life

April 9, 2020 HD Staff 0

You might think that a big house would be the most aspirational but these chic small spaces really reboot the dimensional mindset. These four high-end, style abundant apartments have given us a real case of studio envy. Small yet perfectly formed, these upmarket places have everything the heart desires in terms of modern home comforts […]

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This Writer’s Studio Was Designed As A Place Of Solitude

March 18, 2020 Erin 0

Architect Eric J. Smith has designed a small writer’s studio that’s located in Connecticut and is home to a 1,700 volume collection of poetry. The studio is a place where its owner can write and read poetry as well as escape from aspects of modern life. It can also be used to meditate among tall […]

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How To Upscale A Studio: Two Examples With Images

February 12, 2020 HD Staff 0

When you think of a studio living situation, it might not conjure the most luxurious interior imagery–only feelings of restricted creativity and limitation. However, home is what you make of it, and the only limits are your imagination. These two little studios have style in spades, and two entirely different approaches. Studio number one is […]

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Creating Style In Super Tight Studio Apartments

January 29, 2020 HD Staff 0

Tight living spaces present challenges, but challenges often evoke great creativity and ingenuity–and this is certainly the case inside these four small studio apartments. Not only are these tiny homes packed with great space saving ideas and bespoke furniture inspiration, but they manage to exude style within their limited proportions too. Exciting accent colours, artistic […]

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Creating Comfortable Living Spaces in a Modern Minimalist Studio

December 30, 2019 HD Staff 0

Creating unique living spaces in a studio apartment for one can be a challenge. Between having enough storage space and feeling like there’s enough room, there’s much to consider. Designed by Cartelle Design, this studio apartment for one located in Saint Petersburg offers 38.4 square meters of living space without sacrificing style. As with any […]

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Two Minimalist Studio Apartments Making Statements with Shape

September 5, 2019 HD Staff 0

Sometimes the restrictions presented by minimalist interior design can open the door for powerful methods of visual expression. Setting concise boundaries often results in those boundaries being pushed, pulled, and elegantly redefined. These two studio apartments take minimalism seriously, yet they stand in perfect opposition to the misconception that minimalism must mean plain or boring. […]

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A Modern Backyard Studio For A Music Composer

August 22, 2019 Erin 0

Photography by Maxime Leyvastre JCPCDR ARCHITECTURE has designed a backyard studio for a music composer who recently moved to a house in the countryside. His wish was to turn the old tool shed into an intimate, isolated and independent space, where he could work and relax, for a limited budget. Photography by Maxime Leyvastre With […]

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A Studio Loft Which Is A Home And Art Gallery

April 22, 2019 HD Staff 0

Located on a quiet street that is parallel to a busy boulevard in Alsancak, one of the most densely populated neighborhoods of Izmir, Turkey, stands an unusual interior conversion. Originally the brief called for the ground and upper floor of this building (which is part of a five story block of flats) to be made […]