Transformers 3 "The Rise of Unicron" AUTOCAD 3D

Transformers 3 Fan Based Rendition of “Unicron” Character: G1 Unicron Role: Destroyer of Planets Strength: Superior Strength – 10 (Unmatched) Weakness: The Matrix of Leadership Creation: Unknown Sign: (Decepticon?) 3D AutoCAD Models Created and Copyrighted Premium97 3D AutoCad Models Designed for Entertainment/Educational purposes. Audio/Vocal: 25th Anniversary of Transformers “The Movie” 1986 Takara/Tomy & Hasbro Inc. For Best Viewing Pleasures – VIew on Full Screen “Original” 2550×1920 Resolutions Settings…Use Pop-Out If you like…Enjoy! – Premium97


  1. @TheCYBERTRON44 Yes, Also Unicron happens to be a Planet…I wonder if M.Bay will show Cybertron in this one?

  2. @JTGONS Let’s just say, Takara/Tomy Needs to make a Unicron “Masterpeice” made of Die-cast metal as well…that would pwned!

  3. @pebbletop 25th Anniversary Transformers “The Movie” 1986 Animation Movie…directed by Nelson Shin. Voice of Unicron: Orson Welles
    Voice of Galvatron: Leonard Nimoy…Rent it if you haven’t seen it yet…5/5 Stars

  4. @Premium97 Can’t wait to see it….. just take your time…you’re doing an awesome job!….. Oh about my next review, I’m going to try and have it ready by next week but I can’t tell you who I’m reviewing lol….. I never tell anyone, just like to make surprises.

  5. @JTGONS Unicron should take me quite awhile to finish…I’m gonna work on Megatron soon…so far his head is pretty complicated as it seems already.
    Thanks for the comments…Cheers! (Ohh yea, what’s your next Transformer review?)

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