User Interface Changes in AutoCAD 2010

This video is intended to provide an overview of the changes and enhancements to the user interface in AutoCAD 2010. It will focus on changes to the status bar, application menu, quick access toolbar, the ribbon and minor updates to the file navigation and color dialogs.


  1. Hi. Whenever I try to ‘show menubar’ from the quick access toolbar, autoCAD keeps telling me that, “no menus are defined”. What’s going on?

  2. Tom,
    I have been working with autocad for many years. I have been working with 2005 and 2007. I did not even see version 08 or 09. Now just getting familiar with version 10, I noticed in your video that the xref hot key command was changed to XATTACH. What about the rest of the hotkeys? Have they changed and if so, what are the other changes. Also, are the hotkeys still located under the pgp file?

  3. if you are running autocad architecture 2010 (ACA), you can still run a classic UI since autocad is the core program. just right click your desktop icon, select properties, and, in the target command line change the last part of the line from “AutoCAD Architecture (US Imperial)” to read simply “AutoCAD”.

  4. Excuse me, but can you explain better? because I have that problem and I don´t know where the Options command is….it¨s very different …I don´t understand anything…excuse me for the bad english

  5. you can get classic by using the Options command – opening the Profiles Tab and selecting the AutoCAD 2010 profile then using the ‘gearwheel’ alter to the AutoCAD Classic layout.
    Hope this helps

  6. great video. my teacher isnt getting autocad 2010 text books and i just started using autocad so now im using autocad 2006 books with 2010. looks like im doing all my learning on youtube. im going to know more about this program than my teacher. he is so clueless about it

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