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Twelve Tacoma / Aleph-Bau

May 5, 2018 Antonia Cayupe 0

Twelve Tacoma by Toronto-based Aleph-Bau, stands out in a steady line-up of typical 19th century workers’ rowhouses in Toronto’s central Summerhill neighbourhood. The coloured brick facades and quintessential front porches of the neighbouring houses couch Twelve Tacoma in a local vernacular that both subdues and accentuates its modern qualities. This paradoxical sensation is born from the choice of materials: Twelve Tacoma’s white paint and corrugated aluminum cladding are distinctly elegant, crisp additions to an otherwise familiar neighbourhood aesthetic. Certain details—like the simple front railing and plexiglass awning over the door—mimic the ordinary signifiers of the neighbouring homes, but with a decidedly contemporary bent.

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Franklin / ARRIBA

January 13, 2018 Antonia Cayupe 0

The operation should adapt the interior space of the apartment to a contemporary way of living, without major structural modifications. The strategy for this intervention was established on the idea of connecting two small-­scaled bedrooms so that social area could face the West, overseeing the river Tagus. The kitchen and the bedroom open up to a quiet courtyard, with a view over the urban gardens.

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Independent Place / MWArchitects

January 12, 2018 Antonia Cayupe 0

The client wanted a new extension which was of a similar size to the existing conservatory, but with a bit more climatic stability, a little less glare and more privacy whilst still retaining light and the relationship to their modest Dalston garden.  The clients were keen to embrace a unique design solution.

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Apartment with Partitions / Casa100 Arquitetura

January 7, 2018 Antonia Cayupe 0

The first request made by the resident of this apartment, was to have a minimalist environment, with references to Scandinavian architecture. She did not want many colors and not much information in the apartment. Architecture should speak for itself. The apartment originally had 2 bedrooms, and two bathrooms. With the changes made in the project, the master suite got bigger, and where the 2nd bedroom was, it turned into a large closet, which is a kind of entrance hall of the suite, and where the restroom is located. In the bathroom the idea was to join the 2 shower cabins turning into just one larger, for the suite, since the smaller one now turned into a restroom. The open kitchen to the living room has received a support counter which also serves as a dining space for 2 people. The air conditioning machine on the terrace was hidden by a perforated metal plate, and on it, the wooden shelf receives some plants for everyday uses. To maintain clarity throughout the apartment, and not visually diminish the room, the division between social and intimate wing was done with a dotted glass, allowing the good use of the natural light but also maintaining the privacy of the enclosed environment. The materials follow a more sober line, so we have plenty of white, wood in American oak leaves, and copper tubes that are shelf structures in the kitchen, living room and bedroom.

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House in Viladecavalls / Albert Brito Arquitectura

January 4, 2018 Antonia Cayupe 0

Viladecavalls is located on a small raised hill in Vallès area that makes that it has a dominant position to the territory. Located in an urban area with a garden city configuration and a dispersed and very heterogeneous architecture, the plot is behind the village and facing the landscape without any obstacle in front that can cover the view towards the territory.

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September 22, 2017 Antonia Cayupe 0

Villa S, is located with a newly established residential area on one side, and with a forest on the other – not far from Copenhagen, Denmark. The shaping of the villa took starting point in the context and the arrival from east, where the S-shaped façade accommodates and welcomes you inside.

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Rocksplit House / Cometa Architects

August 7, 2017 Antonia Cayupe 0

The steep ground and the plot’s narrow dimensions determine the pronounced and gradient form of the building which rises from the mountain and over the valley of Poisses, to finally balance itself with the surrounding traditional dwellings and the natural context.

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MyL House / Estudio BaBo

July 10, 2017 Antonia Cayupe 0

The Project of this single-family house is located on a plot  of 1330 m2 in a low-density residential neighbourhood of Olivos, Vincente Lopez, Buenos Aires. The clients are a couple of young professionals and their two children.

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Doppelgänger / KARST architecture

July 8, 2017 Antonia Cayupe 0

Located in a tiny village facing salt marshes on the French Atlantic coast, this wooden house extension is a modest holiday home and a writer’s retreat. The client idea for this project was born several years ago when saving a few old, massive oak beams from the demolition of a neighboring farm. The idea appealed to us but it was all we knew when we first visited the site.

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Modiz Condo Sales Office / PODesign

June 16, 2017 Antonia Cayupe 0

Modiz sale office is located on Phaholyothin road. The program is for displaying mock-up rooms of two condominium projects; “Modiz Interchange” and “Modiz Station”.  The concept of design is to be a linkage between the two residential projects.

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House in Midorigaoka / Camp Design

June 13, 2017 Antonia Cayupe 0

It is a renovation project of one unit of the apartment house in Japan. When construction is built in Japan, the space is born for the law of construction on the site. It is used as a garden and a garage, and the space exists as a place without the name, and invents construction and the relation to the outside environment. It thought the inside and the outside of construction to be able to take the connection with the outside to the room by doing the thought design to one in the building frame exceeding the frame. In the first, a big one room was built while making “Space” for an existing building frame = site. There is no restriction because of the birth of the space this time. However, contexts of the position, the view, and the room arrangement, etc. in the number, the structure, equipment, and the window of the room are edited, and the shape of construction has been decided.

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Michelberger Hotel, Room 304 / Sigurd Larsen

June 11, 2017 Antonia Cayupe 0

With this room you get a whole house. Pure and calm from the outside the many doors and windows reveal a warm wooden interior. Here you nd bedroom, sauna and kitchen open to the outside garden. One door opens to a staircase leading to a guestroom and large hammock overlooking the interior garden.

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St. Patrick’s Centre / McCabe Architects

June 10, 2017 Antonia Cayupe 0

The brief was for a Pastoral Centre situated within the grounds of St. Patrick’s Church, Donegal Town. For years, church educational programmes, counselling and meetings were held in local schools, the parochial house and hotels throughout the parish. St. Patrick’s Centre was designed to consolidate these spiritual, educational and counselling activities and to meet the social needs of parishioners coming together for celebration and bereavement.