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NOME Archive / Atelier xy

July 29, 2021 Yu Xin Li 0

Traditionally, the archive is used by professional institutions or individuals to record documents and collections mostly for research or cultural dissemination. When people talk about the archive, the most obvious visual sign is the neatly organized shelves of great scale. The designers have taken the relevant visual elements and combined them with architectural theory to create a space that fits the NOME ethos. The retail space is seen as an archive, and the collection has been transformed from a documentary and collecting function to a display of design-inspired goods.

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Duoyun Bookstore in Huangyan / Wutopia Lab

July 27, 2021 Yu Xin Li 0

Getting Up. The beginning of a design can be based on a mood. I envied the tranquility and pleasantness of this city, which is scarce in Shanghai. Suddenly, I decided there should be a cloud, calmly and slowly rising over the river. Clouds have a sophisticated and pure beauty. Rather than perform cosmetic surgery on a collage of cluttered commercial territorial façades, I decided to wrap them in a continuous white perforated aluminum panel wall. The continuous white creates a complex and pure interface on the riverside (by controlling the perforation rate, the façade creates a cloud of layers) hiding the bookstore. The aluminum wall is the façade, or it can be stripped away to become a courtyard enclosure or both. The continuous white aluminum wall is used as an addition to create a serene and pleasant visual subtraction. A cloud rises over the riverside, and the readers of the bookstore are in the cloud. 

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Wetland Museum In Huailai / Tenio Tianjin Architecture and Engineering

July 26, 2021 Yu Xin Li 0

This wetland museum is located in the largest wetland near Beijing, which is the home of 40 species of resident birds and a pathway of 151 species of migratory birds. The museum disseminates wetland knowledge to tourists, especially teenagers, and educates and trains popular science enthusiasts with the help of forestry administrations. The overall goal of the project is to achieve a building that minimizes disturbance to the wetland and integrated into the nature, and includes three main goals respectively micro impact, zero-emission and full cycling. The way to achieve the goal is to firstly use the annular floating strategy that elevates the building over the wetland, and then utilize low-energy building design, self-cycling equipment, and assembled construction. 

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New Century Resort, Nanjing / gad × line+

July 25, 2021 Yu Xin Li 0

Gaochun is the back garden and south gate of Nanjing. Adjacent to Gaochun Old Street and next to Gucheng Lake, it is a parent-child vacation cultural tourism complex – Nanjing Gucheng Bay Scenic Area which is invested and constructed by Yada Group, operated by CYTS, and designed by line+. New Century Resort Gaochun Nanjing and Visitor Center is located outside the scenic spot, and it is the commercial supporting facilities and urban interface of the scenic spot. The traditional Gaochun Old Street and the expanded commercial area are on the west side of the site, and the modern urban community and supporting commercial streets are on the east side. Therefore, we hope that when new buildings intervene, they can not only connect and stitch the texture of the old city but also continue and renew the form of the old city.

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Fuli Garment Factory Renovation / genarchitects

July 24, 2021 Yu Xin Li 0

Located on Fengcheng road in Yangpu district of Shanghai, the former Fuli Garment Factory, which was founded in 1985, is still running when we first came to the site. The workers were busy as usual, occasionally reminding us not to take photos of them. It was not the first time that the factory was renovated. Like every old building, changes took place as owners and users shift, gradually blurring the simplicity of the original space. After we cleaned up the ceilings, the temporary canopies, odds, and ends, the bones of the old building slowly appeared.

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Animal Adventure Island / Fenhom·URO

July 22, 2021 Yu Xin Li 0

With the outbreak of the global epidemic, the environmental problems caused by the forest fires in Australia began to arouse people’s reflection: “Is all this the silent protest of nature?” The problem of harmony between man and nature and animals has attracted more and more attention. At the same time, educators in the United States say, letting children grow up freely is becoming a worldwide problem.

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Tsingtao 1903 Taproom / MINOR lab

July 18, 2021 Yu Xin Li 0

The project is located in Beijing’s Wangjing QiLinShe, a lively neighborhood with restaurants of various regional cuisines. For this complex and busy dining hub, we sought to tailor a new form of the taproom. We aimed to utilize materials, colors, and light to develop a friendly, relaxing yet not bustling atmosphere that is different from common beer places. By transforming the collective memory of associations between beer and the environment, we hope to innovate a new spatial experience and bring people an enjoyable sense of excitement and curiosity about Tsingtao Beer.

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Shed of Tangshan Interchange Toll Station / AESEU Architectural Technology and Art studio

July 18, 2021 Yu Xin Li 0

In 2019, ATA design team received the task of designing a toll station for Tangshan Interchange of Shanghai-Chengdu Expressway. As the most important transportation hub in the east of Nanjing, the owner hopes to show the image of Tangshan as the “East Gateway of Nanjing” through the shed of Tangshan Interchange, and it is also an important node for the peripheral transportation organization of the 2021 Jiangsu Garden Expo Park.

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3li Community Cafe / FON STUDIO

July 16, 2021 Yu Xin Li 0

In big cities, people are always looking for a chill and fun place to have a rest. Those places usually hide at the corners of a noisy business district. The number of entertaining spots in Sanlitun District is growing fast to meet those demands.  Bars and lounges are sitting there and waiting to satisfy one oldest desire of human beings in the most classical way——by offering them a glass of delicious liquor. The core appeal of those places would be a bright open bar that could allow people to drink and chatting among a unique designed surrounding with a comfortable atmosphere. 

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MANITO at Xintiandi / Atelier I-N-D-J

July 14, 2021 Yu Xin Li 0

We have conceived of a pale-toned store with soft edges, rounded corners, and supple drapery that forms a background to delicate silken garments, sleepwear, and intimate attire. This small delicate store is inserted into a historic building within the Xintiandi complex; a hardened façade of textured brick and roughcast textured concrete. We wanted to create a focus to this building, an attractor to passers-by, whilst respecting the architecture and acknowledging the sensitivity of the site.