In this AutoCAD Beginners Video Tutorial – 3, draw commands such as Polygon, Rectang, Arc, Revision Cloud, Spline, Ellipse, Point & Donut are covered. Topics covered in detail are as follows:

– Polygon dimensioning concepts.
– How & when to use Circumscribed, Inscribed & Edge methods.
– How to create free hand rectangle & Rectang with Dimension option.
– How to create 3 point Arc & Arc creation by trimming method.
– Circle creation using Diameter, 3 Point, 2 Point & Tan Tan Radius (TTR) methods.
– How to create revision cloud & vary arc length.
– How to create spline.
– How to create Ellipse using default method & center method.
– How to create point & change point style.
– How to create Donut & filled circle.