10 off-grid homes for a self-sufficient lifestyle

February 16, 2019 Lizzie Crook 0
The Off-Grid Guest House by Anacapa Architecture

From an isolated house in a Californian nature reserve, to a rural house in China that encourages villagers to be self-sufficient, here are 10 off-grid homes where people are living sustainably.  Black Barn, England, by Studio Bark Designed to have minimal environmental impact, this off-grid house by Studio Bark is fully powered by solar and bio-diesel.

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Netease Yan Xuan Exhibition Hall / Li Fan Design Firm

February 16, 2019 Winnie Wu 0

There are six different areas in the space. The overall space has a height of 5.3 meters. Designed in different display areas on the basis of a naked blank; one bedroom, one garment area, main cashier, a living room, a dining room and a comprehensive display area.

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Innovation and Experience Hub of Canal Vanke Centre / HCD

February 15, 2019 Collin Chen 0

The total construction scale of the Canal Vanke Centre is about 360,000 square meters, which is the third Vanke Center of Vanke Hangzhou. With five towers behind, this small building of less than 2,000 sq.ms is the most important activator along the 600-meter long axis of the public space. As innovation and experience center, it revolves Automobile-Internet industries. With unique space and diverse contents, it builds a new scenery of experience and drives the future of the auto-industry. It can be described as Small Building with Great Capacities.

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Mahapragya / Mahapragya Architects

February 15, 2019 Rayen Sagredo 0

“Mahapragya “ located in rapidly expanding zone of Solapur City; the mere solution of contemporary tropical urban living within plot area of 380.90sq.m.
G+3 storey structure was planned to suit multifunctional purpose – An architectural design Studio on first floor, a house for small family on the second floor and the recreational space – amphitheater & terrace garden on the top floor.

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United Nations Geospatial Information Management Forum Permanent Site of Deqing County / UAD

February 15, 2019 舒岳康 - SHU Yuekang 0

The project is located in Geographic Information Town, south of Deqing County, China. It is, specifically, between Tashan No.2 Street and Tashan No.3 Street,and across Quyuan Road. Built on an island on The Phoenix Lake, the grand architecture is a window for the world to see Deqing County. The building’s above-ground area is 42,556 square meters, with a main structure of three floors andaheight of 23.95 meters, and the underground construction area is 29,507 square meters.

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Sentia school / 1+1>2 Architects

February 15, 2019 Pilar Caballero 0

The site of school is located in Hanoi, which is asymmetric and surrounded by lots of tower blocks. The school comprises a kindergarten, primary, and secondary school. It not only has separated playgrounds divided by ages but also a common playground, which could be used by everyone.   To fit in the asymmetric site and create playgrounds separately, the school is designed with a zigzag form through the site. Series of continuous spaces which like a loop combined with a flexible bridge corridor system creating serial changes and unexpected views for the users. By this design, classrooms are oriented to the North and South and maximize collecting of natural light and ventilation. The sports field, gymnasium and canteen are placed at the end of wind direction, as a result noises are effectively reduced.