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“I feel a great responsibility to extend his legacy” says Rafael Viñoly’s son

March 27, 2023 Tom Ravenscroft 0

Following the death of Rafael Viñoly, directors and employees of his studio are working hard to continue the Uruguayan architect’s work, says his son Román Viñoly in this exclusive interview. Speaking to Dezeen from his New York office, Román Viñoly, who is a director at Rafael Viñoly Architects, explained how the studio is continuing his

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Linehouse creates tactile restaurant with “Mediterranean soul” in Shanghai

March 27, 2023 Kate Jacobs 0

Design studio Linehouse has used natural, tactile materials for the interiors of the Coast restaurant in Shanghai for China’s casual dining brand Gaga. The restaurant is set inside a traditional mid-century Shikumen house – a blend of Western and Chinese architecture – with a renovated interior informed by its Mediterranean menu. “We aimed to create a deep

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Light as Matter: 10 Artists Transform Space with Lighting

March 27, 2023 Victor Delaqua 0

Light has been present in art for centuries. To think of the Baroque or Gothic without this element would be impossible. However, in the 20th century, artists began to explore light qualities and transformed them into a means of materializing art. Sculptures, immersive installations, and ways of shaping the environment through light, its colors and intensities brought new spatial perceptions by establishing a unique relationship with architecture.

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Wooden House by the Lake / Appels Architekten

March 27, 2023 Paula Pintos 0

This family home expresses its inner life, its context of seasons, light, and surroundings in a simple architectural figure. Conceptionally, it distinguishes between private rooms and a generous open space for daily family life. All private rooms are artistically composed of a sculpture of wooden cubes in between which the open space can unfold horizontally and vertically, bringing in light deep into the house – even in winter – as well as drawing views into the garden, the treetops, and across the lake from any vantage point.

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Vila Oxalá I House / Paloma Siqueira Arquiteta

March 27, 2023 Andreas Luco 0

Vila Oxalá is a set o two houses in a 1.475m2 plot on the Peninsula of Maraú, Southern Bahia, Brazil. It is located in a quiet area, surrounded by nature, and not far from the Barra Grande village. The main house, Vila Oxalá I, has been built as the first home of the owners, a couple from São Paulo, who were looking to slow down and raise their children. The project’s concept is a house that merges indoor and outdoor living spaces with generous openings, garden views, and abundant natural ventilation. A practical house with compact yet comfortable rooms and wide views to enjoy the peaceful surroundings and the pleasant climate. 

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62 Beiting Lane Store / MOU Architecture Studio

March 27, 2023 Collin Chen 0

Project background and city context – In 2022, mou architecture studio was invited to co-design a collection of shops in Nanjing for three lifestyle brands. With two floors of around 600 square meters, it was agreed that the ground floor would house the outdoor lifestyle brand ABC CAMPING COUNTRY and the first floor would be a lost&found x 36ou lifestyle proposal shop. The location of the venue is the Fine Arts Building, 62 Beiting Lane, Nanjing, where Yangtze River Road and Beiting Lane intersect. “One Changjiang Road, half of Nanjing’s history”, whether during the Six Dynasties or the Republic of China, these two roads have witnessed the rise and fall of prosperity in Nanjing’s history. The long history has inevitably shaped the different texture of the city at different times. Through this renovation design, we hope to capture the pulse and texture of the city, so that it can not only become a shop that embraces all kinds of goods but also help the street and the building to rejuvenate again and become a place for residents and customers coming and going to gather and communicate.

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Vysoké Mýto Park / Buoy

March 27, 2023 Elisabeth Kostina 0

The reactivation of the public spaces of the former Jirásek military barracks represents a major extension of the public space of the town southwest of the historical center of Vysoké Mýto. The total area of the proposed area is more than 3.5 hectares.

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Villa Tanatakah / asimapra

March 26, 2023 Hana Abdel 0

Tanatakah is a private villa, just a 3-minute stroll from the sands of Pererenan beach, Bali. The space’s programming is geared toward fostering closeness and privacy within a family of parents and two adult children who will soon be starting their own families. The 393 sqm site is situated in a newly developed area of trendy joints and tourist accommodations, not so far from the vibrant Canggu neighborhood. It is also surrounded by lush nature close to a river mouth with pockets of rice fields still operated and owned by the local Balinese community. It inspired us to marry the dynamics and playfully incorporate local characters and natural elements into a contemporary twist on the architecture.

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Cherry Homestay / AN NAM Architecture

March 26, 2023 Elisabeth Kostina 0

On a plot of land with an area of ​​​​5x25m, Cherry homestay is a project with a breath of nature integrated into a unique contemporary architectural style. The work is a combination of many different styles, lines, and shapes and does not follow any rules. The building has an architectural shape with strong lines, combined with the V-pillar system becoming the highlight of the facade, interwoven with the traditional tile roof system of Hoi An and the soft spiral staircase commercial. Strong shapes and soft curves create balance and harmony in the overall look of the building.