Colonnades and courtyards bring nature into sixth form centre by IF_DO

January 21, 2019 Jon Astbury 0
St Teresa’s Sixth Form College by IF_DO

IF_DO has wrapped the sixth form centre in Surrey, England, around a courtyard and planted a tree in the centre to connect it too its woodland setting. The London-based practice designed the buildings for St Teresa’s School, an independent girls’ school in the village of Effingham, in an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Its courtyard is a

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Aerial Futures Explores Commercial Space Travel at the Houston Spaceport

January 21, 2019 Eric Baldwin 0

A new video by AERIAL FUTURES explores commercial space flight through the Houston Spaceport. The video was produced as part of a broader research initiative bringing together leading thinkers, practitioners and operators to imagine the potential opened up by spaceports. The video explores the spaceport as a new kind of architectural typology, and asks what kind of impact a spaceport is likely to have on the city and its population.

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Preschool in Haro / Taller Básico de Arquitectura

January 21, 2019 Pilar Caballero 0

The architecture of a Hollow-Rock
Geography as origin
The preschool is built on the urban limit of Haro. A place without buildings, marked with road lines, announces its immediate apparition. The strong slope delineates and discovers for us the possibility of an architecture of a geographic origin.

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Hutong Courtyard Renovation at Qianmen Street / Super + Partners

January 21, 2019 Collin Chen 0

Environment & History:
From the late Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China, Qianmen Street is one of the largest logistics and transportation hubs throughout China, as well as one flourishing commercial center. Full of a variety of shops, the street has brought together huge number of crowds and a wide range of goods always on the move. With the constant revivals and upgrades of Beijing old-city areas in the recent years, all the corners of Qianmen area, including Western Grinding Mill, Xianyukou, Dashilar and Zhengyang Gate have been experiencing a series of important renovations and taking upon their new looks for gradually forming one unique city view better fused and integrated with Chinese traditional elements, colonial eclectic style and modern tastes.