1. Why dont they have this for GeForce I use to use it all the time on my 8400GS on Windows XP but now its only available for Quadro iam disappointed for nvidia taking away something so useful

  2. @drftme But you know the diference? Quadro or Geforce? and waht hapend if i use a Quadro for gaming?

  3. Nice done Nvidia. Will be useful for everyone, though, but still cool.

    Stands ATi in checkmate.

  4. do you know what would be sweet? (though I think I already saw a company do this) but take nvidia’s 3D surround and use it to “sell” your designs to consumers, that way they get a much better feel to what they are purchasing 🙂

  5. i really like the maximize to grid–
    i really like the virtual desktop, its like a BIG alt+tab–

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