1. @12yod12 This has happened to me too. Did you eventually manage to find it on your machine?

  2. I downloaded AutoCAD 2011 32 bit. I have a new 32 bit machine with 4 Gb memory. After 2 hours it said “Download complete”. It’s nowhere to be found on my machine. If I click on Installer (again) it flashes something for a second and then nothing. Btw, Akamai in many circles is considered “spyware”. This video will not function correctly either. This really calls into question the integrity of Autodesk.

  3. @Jhomar55..U need to check either your autocad installer is applicable with 64 bit windows 7 or not..

  4. How do you get administrative permissions, I thought that since I have purchased the software that the installation would be simple

  5. I have the same problem with installing my autocad 2011, i have meet all the system requirements also….. what shall i do is there a support number to call for live help?

  6. @Jhomar55 I have the same problem with AutoCAD 2010 64 bit and i meet all the system requirements, let me know if you found out what to do!

  7. i cant install the autocad 2011.. it always says “you cannot install this product on the current operating system”…. but my OS is windows7 home premium… can u help me??

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