Autodesk Showcase is no longer available for purchase

If you own an Autodesk Suite, you should receive an email notifying that Autodesk Showcase is no longer available. Autodesk has announced Showcase end of life last month. If you head to the product page, you will see this announcement:

This is not the first time a product is missing from the Suites. There are a few, but what I really missed was Autodesk Structural Detailing. The products were just gone, there’s no replacement for them. Autodesk did mention other products that we can use as the replacement, but we need to purchase it separately.

Autodesk says that they discontinue Showcase because they want to focus on their cloud-based solution. Autodesk keeps pushing the customers to use their cloud solutions.

However, I don’t see them as a proper replacement yet. Maybe in the future. And not everyone wants to use the cloud solution, many customers want their data on premise, not on the cloud. And if you check the Autodesk 360 status history, you can see the services degraded or down quite often.

In the next 5 years, which products are still remaining in your Suite? Probably only the flagship products.