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100 Bishopsgate / Allies and Morrison

June 27, 2022 Pilar Caballero 0

While towers are sometimes conceived as freestanding buildings, 100 Bishopsgate has been designed to contribute to the matrix of the city fabric and be firmly embedded within it. Responding to the geometries of the site and adjacent buildings, its form transitions from a parallelogram at its base to a rectangle crown. Contrasting facade textures relate to this orientation, each separated by articulated corner details. Half an acre of the public realm, active with restaurant and retail amenities, creates new connections and walkable routes at street level. Transparency across the entire ground floor of the tower emphasizes this permeability.

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Norwegian Press House / Atelier Oslo + KIMA Arkitektur

June 26, 2022 Paula Pintos 0

The Norwegian Press House (Pressens hus) is a transformation of two listed buildings from the 1880s in the historic city center of Oslo. The buildings have been transformed into a new hub for media and press activities, with rooms for conferences, studios, meetings, and a café/restaurant. It also includes offices for 11 prominent media organizations in Norway, with room for approximately 200 people. The design was done in close dialogue with the preservation authorities to find solutions in adherence to the many restrictions due to the listing of both buildings.

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Ombú Office Building / Foster + Partners

June 24, 2022 Paula Pintos 0

Ombú – a transformative office building for the Spanish infrastructure and energy company ACCIONA – has officially opened. This retrofit project breathes new life into a historic industrial building in Madrid, creating a sustainable exemplar of building reuse and revitalising the surrounding area. With over 10,000 square metres of new office space, the project unifies a unique mix of private and public land with green landscaping that extends to the adjoining Méndez Álvaro station.

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SHED 2.0 / Studio ii

June 24, 2022 Hana Abdel 0

Set in urban farmland – studios, workshops, shop, and other ancillary facilities for a designer mother-daughter duo was to be designed. With a farm on one side and a cowshed on the other – the site has a strong agrarian milieu. Taking a cue from this the project was conceived as an extension of this landscape and articulates a rather contemporary program with largely traditional spatial vocabulary.

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Lab Office / The Lab Saigon

June 23, 2022 Hana Abdel 0

Casual creativity is our approach to the office (and maybe even our work). It means approaching creativity with function, taste, and personality in mind (as opposed to deep philosophy). It’s expressed every day: the trees, the activities we have in our flexible space, the work we do, our culture, positive vibes, parties, and productivity.

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Satispay Office / Balance Architettura [BLA]

June 22, 2022 Pilar Caballero 0

2500 sqm of offices, for current 80 Satispay employees, designed with the capability and the flexibility to become 200 in a short time. The innovation concerns the layout of spaces, management of paths, and social-oriented approach. The offices have been planned already with post- COVID principles.

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GP Building / OA+

June 20, 2022 Pilar Caballero 0

GP Building is located in the traditional La Aguacatala neighborhood of the city of Medellin, a few meters from the river, surrounded by low-density projects. La Aguacatala, originally conceived as a neighborhood of single-family homes, has been transformed into a sector for institutional use and services. GP Building pays special attention to this, and its architecture, without denying its institutional status, is a response to its surroundings, it is the reinterpretation of those forms of living, of the domestic in its built form. In its facades we find brick, concrete, and metal; The relationship between the masonry and the domestic is intentional and arises from the need to rescue traditional construction systems typical of the city. Medellín is a brick-colored city.

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Double Square Studio / O’Neill McVoy Architects

June 19, 2022 Valeria Silva 0

The joy of making a one-room building in the woods – just the fundamentals of light, proportion, spatial volume, and material. The studio is for artist Gelah Penn, who has an active, multi-scalar, and materials-based practice, much of which directly engages wall surfaces. The aim was for a space of proportions and natural light which facilitates her creative process.

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Architect’s studio / Manoj Patel Design Studio

June 17, 2022 Andreas Luco 0

Manoj Patel Design studio’s new workspace spreads over a plot area of 1350 sqft. surrounded by the urban fabric, revolves around the play of volumetric masses juxtapose with colorful graphics. To create an experience of material palettes, touch, feel, and understand them in detail was the main idea to create a CO-Working studio space. On entering, the studio greets with bold adaptive artworks on the entry gateway from clay tiles infused with stonework and colors. A studio’s facelift seems to be a metaphor for the natural habitat around. Floral variations seem to be a sculpturesque line between studio space and art installations.

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Fintech TK Offices / QARQ

June 16, 2022 Valeria Silva 0

The project is based on the change of image that the client, on this occasion a Bank, wants to make through the reconversion of traditional banking to a Fintech. To do this and opt for the new DNA that the bank wants to imprint on its entity as a concept, we chose to use the geometry that said element has in such a characteristic way. That is why the program, part of a curvilinear geometry, has the services at the center, in the concave shapes. To house the office program, are used the extremes that allow receiving both workers and clients.