36 Unique Watering Cans That Also Serve As Decorative Items

Every house needs a garden, and every garden needs a watering can. Whether you’re watering a few indoor plants on your balcony or hallway table to drenching a full-scale botanical garden, we’ve got the right watering can for you. Reach those hanging plants or small pansies in the centre, with an extra-long can spout. Decorate your garden with a painted metal bird, pig or chainmail-dressed elephant. Hold a can that’s easy to handle, with devices designed with ergonomic equilibrium in mind. Take a nose through our top thirty-six picks for unique watering cans.


Alessi Diva Watering Can: Made from thermoplastic resin, these twisting and turning watering cans steal the show with their unusual spouts. Buy them in black, white or green for a funky can that’s easy to clean.


Alessi Kiwi Watering Can: A unique shape and stainless steel spout make this can hard for New Zealanders to resist. Mimic the shape of their national bird in this thermoplastic find.


Eva Solo 2 Liter Water Can: Tired of watering cans that water your pants and shoes too? This Danish-made can provides a pointed plastic chrome spout, for a directed stream to your plants only. Place it on your patio ledge for a functional and artistic addition to your garden.


Ikea Ps Vållö Watering Can: Designer Monika Mulder had the fluid shape of water in mind, when she created this easy-on-the-eye garden fixture. Store water or your plant nutrient mix inside its form for indoor or outdoor use.


Brushed Steel Modern-Style Metallic Watering Can: Want a watering can in a truly durable material? This stainless steel beauty provides a good-looking and eco-friendly alternative to plastic contraptions. A reusable non-woven pouch ensures its frame isn’t scuffed during delivery.


Small Modern-Style Stainless Steel Watering Can With Long Spout: Take an artistic approach to watering, with this elegant can of stainless steel.


Master Craft 1.6 Liter Copper Watering Can: Employ the ease of a rounded handle to water your hanging baskets. This copper-plated find of stainless steel features a curved spout to reach those high-up places.

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X3 Watering Can: Even product innovators wouldn’t believe this can is made from a single metal tube. Bent and soldered three ways, this functional find comes in five colour-ways and placed first in the Best New Product category for NYIGF 2013.


Aguo Modern Metallic Watering Can With Long Spout: Want to water the lilies without trampling on the dahlias? This long-reach watering can tackles the distance in stainless steel.


Blomus Planto 1.5 Liter Stainless Steel Watering Can: Prefer your handle on the side? Find a similar model in this 1.5-liter can.


Stylish Brass Watering Can: Pretend you’re in the gardens of Turkey or Iran, with this round watering can made of solid brass. It’ll look a picture delivering plant-quenching water, or acting as a decoration on the garden ledge.


Dainty Copper Watering Can: Some of the earliest watering cans were hand-hammered in metal. Go back in time and forward in style with this can of hammered solid copper.


Antique Decorative Copper Watering Can: Protect your can from the elements, with a finish of galvanized metal. Hold up to 1.8 liters in its antique-look, detailed exterior.


Haws Copper Watering Can: Know a gardener notoriously hard to buy for? Package up a beautiful pure copper watering can, complete with removable fine brass oval rose and delivered in a brown cardboard gift box. Made in England, its original 1886 design ensures the unlacquered copper will achieve a rich patina with age.


Galvanised Steel Watering Can With Copper Accents: 1.9 gallons of water fits in this heavy gauge galvanized steel can. Use its removable rosette diffuser to create a gentle shower for flowers, or take it off for a gush that can water trees.


1.5 Liter Black Watering Can: Made in lightweight resin with a classic design, this small-spouted item is perfect for watering your plants indoors.


Stylish Indoor Pearl Watering Can: An imprinted flower marks the side of this recyclable plastic can. Use its long-stem spout to reach the hanging baskets in your indoor patio.


Elephant Watering Can: Get the kids into gardening with this cute elephant can. Holding two quarts of water, it’s a small and light introduction to elephant home décor in your garden.

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Metal Chainmail Elephant Watering Can: Own a truly unique watering can, with this metal elephant and chainmail of 1,000 rings. Taking 16 hours to make, he’s a handcrafted addition to your steampunk home décor collection.


Pig Watering Can: Want your watering can to be part-time? This hand-painted pink pig is designed to hold the water for your plants, or act as a cutesy vase for your indoor garden area. Choose from a green or red rooster, hen, goose, duck, owl, bluebird, bee, turtle or cat design for variation.


Minimalist White Swan Watering Can: The fluid shape of water follows the natural shape of the swan. Invite a new bird to your garden, with this plastic watering can in tow.


Goose Watering Can: Feeling like a goose when it comes to watering your garden? Get the matching watering can with this plastic design holding one gallon.


Duck Watering Can: This lucky duck is another plastic friend for your indoor or outdoor greenery. Made of high-density polyethylene plastic, he’s made with the aim of withstanding the elements.


Hen Watering Can: From the same collection as our pink pig, let this rooster run wild in your garden. Fill him up to the brim with plant-quenching water, or stand him on a table or ledge for something pleasing to look at while pulling the weeds.


Owl Watering Can: Feel a couple of eyes peering through the back of your head? Never fear – it’s your hand-painted watering can in the likeness of an owl.


Blue Bird Rustic Metal Watering Can: Squirt a solid stream of water through this bluebird’s beak. A fetching ornament on the ledge acts as a watering can in handcrafted metal.

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More Bird-Shaped Watering Cans: Want a few options for metallic feathered friends? Take a gander at these folk-art inspired creatures, each a functional example of bird home décor.


Ladybug Watering Can: Love insects coming to visit your plants? Arrange the visit yourself, with this handcrafted ladybug watering the flowers.


Mouse Watering Can: You’ll want a mouse in your house with this cute watering can. Hammered steel with a rust-resistant finish means it’ll look a dream in your indoor or outdoor plant setting.


Translucent Plastic Indoor Watering Can: This handy green design is a perfect match with your fertilisers. A translucent plastic finish with US and metric measurements makes it easy to work out your mixing ratios.


Plum-Colored Novelty Watering Can: Want to own a watering can that looks different to the rest? This elegant plum design features a circle in the middle, a handle on the top, an elongated spout and 1.5 gallons’ worth of watering capacity.


Orange Water Can and Spray Bottle: For those after a water-holding all-in-one, look no further than this orange-coloured plastic contraption. Holding up to 40 ounces of water, it features a spray bottle up the top, a long spout down the bottom. Simply pour the water down the spout to avoid opening the top for refill.


Plastic Watering Can With Transparent Spout: Often wonder how much water you’re really putting in? Watch the water drain out of the transparent spout of this 47-ounce container. Paired with an ergonomic arch handle, long spout and large-fill opening, this green and white dream can fulfil all your indoor and outdoor watering needs.


Space-Saving Watering Can With Rotating Spout: Save space in your home or garden, with this watering can that allows you to fold up its spout. Complete with a non-slip handle, three quart capacity, translucent spout and removable rose attachment, it’s the total package no matter what size your garden. Choose from green, pink or blue colourways.


Small Plastic Watering Can: Go back to basics with these small 28-ounce watering cans. With a long spout, over-body handle and three colour options, it’s a cheap and cheerful option that fulfils the essentials.


Umbra Shift Stainless Steel Watering Can-Cum-Pitcher: Feel like it’s not only your plants that need a drink? These unique pitchers double as a watering can in white-clad stainless steel.

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