52 Unique Drink Coasters To Help You Keep Your Stains Off In Style

We all have quirks and luxuries we would love to indulge. Yet agate doesn’t always work with interiors, emojis don’t always light up your kitchen, and marble and slate make for expensive kitchen benchtops. Create it in a coaster instead? Problem solved. These fifty-two coasters range from sophisticated and trending wooden, concrete and stone designs to that little Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings fetish you’ve found hard to satisfy. Looking snazzy and protecting your table at the same time, they do the hard work while keeping your surfaces pretty. Have a gander to find something for the Christmas stocking or a treat after a hard day’s work.

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Colorful Agate Coasters: Inject agate coasters in rainbow colours onto your breakfast table.

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Brown & Gold Agate Coasters: Go for the conservative touch in brown agate hues rimmed with gold.

Buy It: $30  

Onyx Coasters: Onyx appreciates the most boring of dining tables in these gorgeous gradient squares.

Buy It: $16  

Slate Coasters: Elevate your cups and your kitchen with these rough-edged pieces in slate.

Buy It: $15 for 5  

Sandstone Coasters: Simple sandstone mimics wood in an earthy form matching rounded furniture.

Buy It: $24  

Round Marble Coasters: Round hits the spot again in sparkling white marble, a bling addition to your kitchen or dining table.

Buy It: $20  

Wood & Marble Coasters: Have the best of both worlds with one panel in wood, the other in striking grey marble.

Buy It: $29  

Concrete Coasters: Geometric forms lie hiding in these concrete coasters, smooth, versatile, and ever-so-slightly industrial.

Buy It: $28  

Concrete Gold Coasters: More than just a pretty face, these cream coasters with gold panels use concrete as their base.

Buy It: $10  

Concrete Copper Heart Coasters: Find copper in the concrete jungle with these love-heart coasters, a perfect pairing for a romantic night in.

Buy It: $15  

Industrial Style Metal Coasters: Want an edge of a can you can touch? Take the safer route with coasters in serrated-edge metal.

Buy It: $39 for 4  

Radioactive Elements Glowing Coaster Set: Pander to your inner nerd with these glow-in-the-dark coasters for your computer desk.

Buy It: $15  

Leaf Shaped Coasters: Bring the outside in with these leaf-shaped coasters, made for an oriental feast.

Buy It: $3  

Fruit Slice Coasters: Twist the traditional coaster by making pop art fruit. These bold colours make a splash on the breakfast table.

Buy It: $38  

Fleur De Lis Coaster: Celebrate a golden interior with these olden-age fleur-de-lis, coated in mock gold.

Buy It: $8  

Cute Animal Coasters: Stuck for Secret Santa? Please the crowds with these cute animal coasters in simple wooden designs.

Buy It: $29 for 6  

Cat Butt Coasters: Turn your nose up at the drinks on offer with these cheeky, colourful designs for a cat fiend.

Buy It: $17  

Wooden Elephant Coaster: Give the gift of memory with an elephant design surrounding your cup and decor.

Buy It: $16  

Sheep Coasters: Visit a farm with these wooden cut-out coasters, a perfect way not to be a sheep.

Buy It: $16  

Hedgehog Coasters: Get a bit prickly when guests arrive? Make your kitchen table cute with hedgehog coasters on display.

Buy It: $16  

Pig Coasters: Be a little piggy every morning with these cute coasters and holder to keep you company.

Buy It: $45  

Decorative Fish Coaster: Rather be living in the sea? Swallow water on a coaster from a fishbone.

Buy It: $25  

Octopus Absorbent Drink Coaster: Another sea-bound creature, these octopi-loving stone designs work a treat with other octopus home décor.

Buy It: $70  

Nautical Themed Glass Coasters: The seaside home can’t go past these intricate seashell patterns set in glass.

Buy It: $20  

Nautical Sailor Knot Coasters: Want something slightly more trending? These electric blue sailor knots give just the kick you need.

Buy It: $15 for 4  

Monogram Coasters: Represent your name on your coaster, not your necklace, with these monogrammed sandstone designs.

Buy It: $20  

Personalized Wooden Coasters: Have an important occasion to mark? Personalised wooden coasters add that special touch.

Buy It: $20  

Personalized Slate Coasters: Set you or your family’s name in stone with these personalised slate coasters, another treat for under the Christmas tree.

Buy It: $7  

Drinks Are On Me Coasters: Add a lighter touch to cardboard with these pun-ny coasters, sure to raise a laugh at the bar.

Buy It: $25  

Game Of Thrones Seal Coasters: Have some serious Game of Thrones watching to do? Make it an occasion, with your drinks set on GoT seal coasters.

Buy It: $20  

Game Of Thrones House Emblems Coasters: The everyday fan will appreciate these handmade birch emblems straight from the Ukraine.

Buy It: $40  

Lord Of The Rings Themed Coasters: Going, or know someone who wants to go, to New Zealand? Show them how to get around with these coaster maps of Middle Earth.

Buy It: $20  

Harry Potter Coasters: No set of coasters is complete without Harry Potter. Show your love for the series with these wood-engraved gems.

Buy It: $23  

Harry Potter House Coasters: Rather be in another House? Take your pick with these themed coasters, a perfect match for the true Harry Potter fan.

Buy It: $20  

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Coasters: Go old-school with the Star Wars Millennium Falcon underneath your cup. The Christmas stocking is a perfect place for those mad on Star Wars home décor.

Buy It: $7  

Superhero Coasters: Be a superhero every morning with these coasters on your breakfast table.

Buy It: $15  

Emoji Drink Coasters: Want to express everyday emotions in emojis? Translate them to real life with these coasters in your kitchen.

Buy It: $26  

Anatomy Coasters: The hipster studying medicine has the perfect gift – parts of the anatomy in simple, illustrated designs.

Buy It: $25  

Brain Specimen Coasters: What happens to your brain after all that coffee? Think harder with these brain specimens as your object.

Buy It: $11 for 8  

Cork Toast Coasters: Toast and beer can be perfect partners with these cork toast coasters, funny and absorbent.

Buy It: $15  

Shotgun Coasters: The keen hunter will appreciate these cold-cast resin bullets underneath their whisky bottle.

Buy It: $18 for 4  

Record Coasters: Go back in time with these clean tunes guarding your drinks.

Buy It: $24  

Wood Slice Coasters: Create an oriental aura for small cups and bowls with these wood-slice coasters, each slightly differing in size and shape.

Buy It: $14  

Pallet Coasters: The factory man’s stocking can’t miss these playful mini crate coasters.

Buy It: $2  

Bamboo Coasters: Let your coasters match your placemats for an authentic Thai dinner setting.

Buy It: $23  

3D Illusion Coasters: Geometric shapes confuse your morning coffee in these stylish wooden designs.

Buy It: $44  

Geometric Laser Cut Wood Coasters: Cut-out in intricate geometry, these coasters add minimalist pizzazz to your breakfast table.

Buy It: $38  

Geometric Wooden Coasters: Embrace the tribal with these multi-layered finds reminiscent of South-East Asia.

Buy It: $36 for set of 6  

Organic Patterned Coasters: Drawn from original artwork, these basswood coasters absorb any spills from the night before.

Buy It: $16  

Ceramic Stone Coasters: Try an easier-to-clean alternative in kaleidoscopic patterns on traditional ceramic.

Buy It: $20  

Split Leather Coaster: Black, gold and ready to adorn the dinner table, these leather lookers add a little bit of shine under glass.

Buy It: $13  

Leather Puzzle Coasters: Leather dining chairs would love these leather jigsaw designs with bold, white stitching.

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