Books, books, and more books. Who can get enough of them? From the musty old smell of an antique bookshop to the crisp, white pages of a newly-bought piece, the allure of reading is one savoured and cherished. How can you share such a solitary activity with others? These forty-six finds, acting as gifts or personal novelties, afford a way for readers to both maintain bookishness and flaunt their passion – simultaneously. Whether it’s accessories for books, a unique cushion, innovative chair, scented candle or world map of the classics you’re looking for, you’ll be sure to find it here. Take a turn of our digital pages below to find your perfect gift.

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Book-Shaped Light: Rifle through book pages beside the rifled pages of an open-book light.

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Book Rest Book Lamp: Tired of coffee stains marking pages? Rest your book’s laurels on this house light instead.

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Library Wall Decal: Want a top-to-toe library, but don’t have the books? Imagine them instead with this clever decal.

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Bookshelf Door Decal: Pretend you have a secret passageway with this nifty door decal.

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Old Book Scented Candle: The antique bookshop has finally been encapsulated in this candle of dusted amber, lined suede and dried paper notes.

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New Book Scented Candle: Not a fan of the older book aroma? Get the smell of a new read, with a quote to boot.

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Book Lovers’ Tote Bags: Be loud and proud of your bookishness, with these canvas bags proclaiming the fact.

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Bookniture: This origami-inspired innovation can hold half a ton of weight, and fold away on the shelf – a perfect gift for the book lover in your life.

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Library Card Pillows: Dream of escaping book fines with these library card pillows under your neck. Pick from the colours of the rainbow for a fitting décor match.

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Book Lover’s Throw Pillows: Read the classics on these made-for-gift pillows, available in a variety of quotes and bookish notes.

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Reading Girl Duvet Cover: Encourage your young lady’s passion for literature with this bookish bed set.

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Books Duvet Cover: Sleep underneath your favourite authors with this book-loving bedspread, a motley of authors such as Kerouac, McEwan and Harper Lee.

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Book Pillows: Fall asleep with a book under, not over, your head as you dream of your next reading session.

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Penguin Classics-Themed Matchboxes: Light up a candle or cigarette within a book, beside a book. These matchboxes mirroring Penguin classics take a humorous view of your favourite reads.

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Invisible Bookshelf: A clever trick for the eye, this playful bookshelf holds your favorite five or six reads – without a bookshelf structure to be seen.

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Superman Floating Book Shelf: Reading a book that requires superhuman effort? Show off your literature prowess as Superman supports your collection from beneath.

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Superwoman Floating Book Shelf: Find a gift for your fellow feminist, with this bookshelf for definitive texts. Superwoman holds up the sky, novels, and landmark publications.

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Agustav Hanging Bookshelf: A Scandinavian dream in oak wood, this bookshelf holds your books like a coat hanger. Pins hanging from the hangers mark your place for the next reading session.

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Knowledge Bookends By Karim Rashid: Make your mind golden like Rashid did, with this self-modelled representation of a knowledgeable mind. Made of rubber-coated stone resin, it’s also available in white and pink.

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Game Of Thrones Dragon Eggs Bookend: Collect all Daenerys’ wedding gift eggs with these bookends amongst your fantasy novels. Officially licensed by HBO, they can sit as a set of three or separate pieces.

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Lord of the Rings The Argonath Bookends: Use the power of the Argonath to sit your books together, in one unique bookend for the diehard fan.

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Owl Bookends: Ever the night owl, read into the night with this Indian rose wood owl home décor find.

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Book-Shaped Bookends: Allow nothing but books on your shelves with these book-look bookends, hand-shaped and of museum quality.

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Book-Shaped Bookends With Drawers: After a more structured feel? These darker reads feature four small hidden drawers within their jackets.

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Book-Shaped Pencil & Stationary Holder: Make your own pen a sword, with these books offering weaponry to hand. A drawer underneath holds staples and little necessities for the writing of that ‘big idea’.

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Book-Shaped Tissue Dispenser: Almost finished the final chapter? Wipe away the tears with this hidden tissue box, made of wood with gold-painted paper edges.

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Book Clock: Let time fly as these books cuddle in your bookshelf. A set of three books in different colours act as one piece, blending into your bookshelf at the same time.

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Macbook Book Case: Take your Macbook back in time with a secret book cover identity. Made of vintage leather, its inner edge features a mock book spine.

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Book-Shaped Secret Storage Box: Protect your valuables with a nifty disguise – a series of old book jackets. Clad in wood, their exterior is made to look like classic book jacket leather.

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Book-Shaped Jewellery Holder: Give more than a book with this unique jewellery holder. Its poly-leather interior reveals separate compartments for necklaces, rings, trinkets and earrings.

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Book-Shaped Metal Trinket Box: Design a book in metal with this patterned filigree trinket box, made of long-lasting zinc alloy.

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Book Succulent Planters: Let life grow out of fairytales, with this unique planter box on your office table. A row of cacti within its frame would offer an easy-to-care-for option.

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100 Essential Novels Scratch Off Chart: Aiming to read all the classics? This chart lists all the classics you need to read, letting you scratch off their exteriors as you complete each text. A simple coin scratch turns their un-read golden covers into a story specific cover detail.

Buy It: $25  

Periodic Table Of World Literature Poster: Combine science and literature in this chart of the elements. Writers are grouped by their technique and style – and orders are shipped within twenty-four hours.

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Lord Of The Rings Middle Earth Map: Search for the ring with this map of Middle Earth on your library wall. Its limited edition dark sepia hues could top your stocking list.

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Game Of Thrones Westeros Map: Explore Westeros outside the small screen, as this map hangs for fantastical pondering. A classic black frame turns it into a gift for a friend at Christmas.

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Game Of Thrones Travel Posters: Celebrate the landscapes of your favourite show with these posters, a fitting find for the avid GoT decor fan.

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Harry Potter Travel Posters: Celebrate Harry’s journey with these home décor destination posters. Sized at 13 x 19 inches, they show each stop between London to Scotland on the Hogwarts Express.

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Harry Potter Chess Set: Combine fiction and strategy in a stunning chess set for your living room table. Recreating characters from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, each piece of the 32-piece set is made to the exact details in the film.

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Harry Potter Themed Bookmark: Make your bookmark noteworthy as Harry’s boots hang upside down. These hand-crafted beauties from Ukraine come with a one year warranty.

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Wizard Of Oz Themed Bookmark: Squeeze Dorothy between your pages with this beautiful bookmark, made with the same hand-crafted care as Harry’s boots above.

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Amazing Paper Sculptures: Not only the written word makes paper amazing. See its physical form in inspiring paper sculptures showcased inside or outside books, and made in Alicante, Spain.

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Literary Greats Shot Glasses: Drink with the world’s most celebrated drunks with this colourful six-piece shot set. Each glass features a coloured visage and drink-worthy quote.

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Game of Thrones House Sigil Shot Glass Set: Take a shot for the House of Sigil with this squared-off set of four. Made of glass, they’re the officially-licensed version from the HBO series.

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I Drink & I Know Things Shot Glass: Drinking brings bravado and knowledge, in this cheeky find for the reader that likes a tipple.

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The End Bookend: Finish the story with a bookend marker, a simple block piece in white sliding swiftly under the last book on the shelf.

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