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WOOD WOOD Berlin R3 Store / Spacon & X

May 15, 2021 Andreas Luco 0

Visible and exposed construction elements at WOOD WOOD Berlin store, redesigned by Spacon & X. Inside-outside phenomenon Spacon & X has worked with Wood Wood on a wide range of retail solutions around the world – from shop-in-shop and trade fairs to flagship stores. With the newest addition to the retail range; Wood Wood’s new store in Berlin is an experience comparable to the visit to the contemporary gallery. With the design, Spacon & X explores the inside-outside phenomenon, where usually hidden construction materials are brought into the spotlight. “We feel a foundational creative synergy with Wood Wood in our mutual curiosity and honesty in the work with materials and construction methods.

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Boffi De Padova opens new showroom in London’s Chelsea neighbourhood

May 14, 2021 Dezeen staff 0
Boffi De Padova Chelsea showroom

Dezeen promotion: furniture company Boffi De Padova has opened a new showroom in Chelsea, London. Overlooking Sloane Square, the showroom was envisioned in line with the art direction of Piero Lissoni and designed by the Boffi De Padova creative division helmed by Chiara Tombari. The 900-square-metre space spans three floors and is dominated by a

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PARK Store by Balabala / DUTS design

May 14, 2021 Collin Chen 0

Project Background. With the introduction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area policy, the city of Foshan has begun to attract public attention. In the 2020 selection of new Tier 1 cities, Foshan is among the new Tier 1 cities for the first time. Foshan’s profound Lingnan culture has also attracted more and more attention and has become a new regional urban cultural center. Recently, DUTS Design completed the renovation of a century-old Lingnan house located in Lingnan Tiandi, Foshan together with Chinese kids fashion brand balabala. It has been transformed into a brand new space named PARK by balabala, a park experience space that has no boundaries with nature, creating a composite space integrating clothing, parent-child leisure, culture, and fashion lifestyle, bringing people a brand-new upgraded immersive experience. The century-old Lingnan building was “rebirthed” with new vitality from the unbounded natural landscape and the fusion of new business forms.

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Antik Dantel HQ / Zemberek Design

May 12, 2021 Andreas Luco 0

The project has designed as the headquarter of a well-established lace manufacturer company. The major functions of the building are; a showroom where production samples of the company are exhibited, personal offices of the partners, open-plan office and meeting areas, dining hall for company employees.

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Horseshoe Bend Brass Kiosk / Mizzi Studio

May 11, 2021 Paula Pintos 0

Characterising the largest mobilisation The Royal Parks has seen in 14 years. The high-profile commission included the delivery of a coffee house near the Serpentine lake, as well as nine “handcrafted” kiosks to replace aging food kiosks on existing sites across Hyde Park, Green Park and St James’s Park. The most recently erected structure, the flagship Horseshoe Bend kiosk in St James’s Park, is clad in tubular brass and mirrors the ornate precious metals of the nearby Sir Thomas Brock’s Queen Victoria Memorial.

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Long Shang Bookstore / A.C.R.E. Atelier

May 7, 2021 Yu Xin Li 0

The project is located at the crossing of the river, bridge, and road, with the Chen Yuan (College of Arts and Media) and the library to the northwest. The original building is a two-stories, four-pitched roof old building. As an important node in the historical environment of the campus, the university expects it to be an important public space of the campus with the functions of “bookstore, coffee, creative arts and salon” after its renewal.

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Garden Expo Silo Bookstore of Library AVANT-GARDE / China Architecture Design & Research Group

May 7, 2021 Yu Xin Li 0

The past and present of Soils A. On the Tang Mountain located in the suburb of Nanjing, with the verdant and foggy surroundings. Ten towering cylindrical grey cement silos are set upright here alone. The absolutely geometrical shapes stand out, which look like a series of big exclamation points, telling the world the past story that the mountain was dissected, the ores were continuously mined, the massif was exposed nakedly and the pit was dug deep, the machines roared in the cement processing plant, powder and smoke rose from all around, and sewage flew everywhere. Later, This place gained its peace again. Ten silos stared at the sky straightly, as if they had been ten-round eyes, waiting for some moment in space-time when fresh new soul was to be injected again.

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BLUE Architecture Studio inserts rustic cabin into Hangzhou furniture store

May 6, 2021 Ali Morris 0
Lost & Found Hangzhou store by BLUE Architecture Studio

Beijing-based BLUE Architecture Studio has erected washed stone partition walls and an entire wooden cabin with a pitched roof inside this store in Hangzhou, China. Located in the city’s mixed-use OōEli complex designed by Renzo Piano, the store belongs to lifestyle brand Lost & Found and sells wooden furniture, homeware, fashion and plants. “During this

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