12 Steps in Mastering AutoCAD (Infographic)

AutoCAD is a professional tool for professionals. But because of its popularity, many people consider the ability to use it is “a common knowledge”. There are many resources available to learn AutoCAD out there now. You can find them on YouTube, blogs, websites, and other free resources. These resources are excellent to get productivity tips, but if you are new to AutoCAD a more structured tutorial is recommended.

These are several AutoCAD learning resources that you can purchase:

  1. AutoCAD 2018 Fundamentals (from Ascent – Autodesk Authorized Publisher)
  2. AutoCAD 2018 Essentials (from Sybex – Autodesk Authorized Publisher)
  3. AutoCAD tutorial video (from the SourceCAD)
  4. CADnotes also has several specific AutoCAD tutorials on our e-store here.
  5. And many more.

It doesn’t matter how do you learn AutoCAD, but you can’t have the skill overnight. There are some steps until you can be a master and a lot of practices. In this infographic, you can see what do you need to learn in AutoCAD until you are pretty good with it.