9 Innovative Projects Tackling the Unexplored Realms of Sea and Space Win Jacques Rougerie Competition

Courtesy of Jacques Rougerie Foundation

Courtesy of Jacques Rougerie Foundation

Nine visionary projects focused on living within the relatively unexplored terrains of sea and space have been selected as winners of the 2017 Jacques Rougerie international architecture competition.

Established in 2011, the competition aims to foster the creativity of young architects by challenging them to complete “innovative, audacious and promising projects” that imagine new methods of sustainable development within the realms of sea and space. 

Architectural submissions were awarded this year within three categories: Innovation and Architecture for the Sea, Innovation and Architecture for Space, and Architecture and Sea Level Rise. Within these categories, projects were selected in three disciplines: the overall Grand Prix, the “Focus” theme award, and the Coup de Coeur.

Check out the winning projects below.

Innovation and Architecture for the Sea

Grand Prix

Currents for Currents, Blue is the new green / Deo Alrashid T. Alam, Robert Andrew P. Galano, Pierre Michael Monjardin; Phillippines

Focus Award: “Ports of the Future”

Ephemere Highrise Floating Power Station & Liquid Metal Battery Charging Station / Dimo Ivanov; Bulgaria

Coup de Coeur

BIOLUM_REEF : an eco-friendly inhabited reef / Olivier Bocquet, Lisa Tanet, Laurence Casalot, François Desruelles, Christian Tamburini; France

Innovation and Architecture for Space

Grand Prix

Platinum City, Worlds First Post-Human City / Sean Thomas Allen; UK

Focus Award: “Solar Power Satellites”

Martian Chronicle : Informed strategy for the urbanisation of Mars / Dylan Collins; France

Coup de Coeur

SOLAR SPORE, An algae photobioreactor in outer space /  Pierre-Jacques Truyman, Alexandre Brassart, Sylve Truyman; France

Architecture and Sea Level Rise

Grand Prix

Translated Utopia: a Tuvaluan Archipelago in Aotearoa/New Zealand / Elizabeth Yarina; USA

Focus Award: “The African Coastline”

Tofinu: living ‘on the path of the water’ on the Beninese coast / Kemi Amede, Don Do;  Benin, France, Australia

Coup de Coeur

Refuge-ground : Towards habitable offshore salt platforms / Lambert David, France

Learn more about the winning projects, here.

News via Jacques Rougerie Foundation