AutoCAD icon History

AutoCAD social media channels posted this image a while back. It looks like 35 years of AutoCAD history is an important milestone for Autodesk. There was some hype about AutoCAD birthday this year. It’s quite disappointing that AutoCAD 2018 didn’t give a good impact like it’s predecessors. New AutoCAD released used to be fun and make us curious.

I don’t know if you all feel the same or maybe I’m just getting old.

Autodesk released the image of AutoCAD icons from R1 to AutoCAD 2018 below.

They are obviously not complete; some versions are missing. Autodesk used to change the icon and splash screen in each version. I immediately notice it doesn’t have the R14 icon. It’s the oldest version that I use, and I think many users loved it that time.

AutoCAD R13 and older were also available on the various operating system. R13 for Windows was pretty slow compared to the other platforms. Not really a favorite for AutoCAD users at that time. R14 was a big change, the first Windows only version and run pretty well.

If you are interested to see features in each release, you can see complete AutoCAD release history on Shaan Hurley’s blog here.

Which version is your favorite? Do you see the icon in the image?