Autodesk Multi-user Cloud Benefits Assignment

Autodesk subscription license EULA has changed significantly. The standalone license changed to a named user license. It means you can’t share the license in a workstation to your colleague. Only the registered user is allowed to use the license. The multi-user license is still the same, except now it’s not perpetual.

Autodesk now aggressively introduce their cloud services. From the basic service like cloud storage and renderings to analysis and simulation. Many of those services are included as the benefit of subscriptions. It is easy enough to understand that the named user can use the benefits.

But what about a multi-user license? How many users can use the benefits? If I purchase 20 licenses for 50 users, can all of the 50 users use the 25 GB storage? Can they render in the cloud?

I asked this question on Autodesk forums and get the answer from Darren:

How many users can be assigned per seat?
Product & Service Seats – For single-user subscriptions, you can provide access to all of the products and services included in your subscription through user management. You can assign one product seat to a user for every seat purchased, which will allow the user to access the product you’ve assigned them to, as well as any cloud services that are included with the product. For multi-user subscriptions, any user on your network can check out a seat that you’ve purchased. You can leverage user management to assign users to any cloud services that are included in your multi-seat subscription. For every multi-user seat you purchase, you can assign three users to any cloud services that are included with your subscription.

Support Seats – For both single and multi-user subscriptions, you can assign access to support (email and chat) to up to 6 users for every seat purchased.

Source: Subscription Setup FAQ.

In the scenario above, when you purchase 20 multi-user licenses, it means you can assign the cloud services to maximum 60 users.

Using Autodesk cloud services are not free, except for the storage. You need cloud credits to use the services. You get 100 cloud credits for free the first time you purchase the license and you need to purchase more credits when you run out of credits.

However, it is good to know that you can assign more users to use the cloud services if you have multi-user licenses.