büro koray duman to extend noguchi museum with art + archive building

the isamu noguchi foundation and garden museum (the noguchi museum) has announced plans to expand its campus with a new structure that will house its collection and archive, as well as noguchi’s original 1959 studio building, which will be restored and open to the public for the first time. the new building, a corrugated steel envelope of nearly 6,000 square feet, will be designed by new york city-based architects, büro koray duman, and will be located adjacent to noguchi’s original studio and across the street from the museum in queens, NY.

büro koray duman to extend new york's noguchi museum with art + archive buildingall images courtesy of büro koray duman and the noguchi mseum




with the original museum and sculpture garden established by the artist in 1985 at its core, the expanded campus will be developed by büro koray duman to better preserve isamu noguchi’s work and legacy, while both increasing public access to the collection and enabling the museum to expand its roster of exhibitions and public programs. the first phase of the project comprises the creation of a two-story art and archive building clad with corrugated anodized aluminum panels, which will be located behind an extension of the studio’s brick wall towards the new site.


‘the noguchi museum and its garden are much beloved spaces,’ notes koray duman, founder of büro koray duman. ‘with the design of the new art and archive building, and its relationship to isamu noguchi’s original 10th street studio, we wanted to be respectful of the existing complex. the museum’s architecture strikes a perfect balance between being impactful and quiet, simultaneously. with the new expansion and building design, we aspired to create a strong architectural statement that embodies this essence.’



additionally, the never before open to the public pied-à-terre and studio of isamu noguchi will also welcome visitors as an integral part of the story of the artist and his museum.its living spaces will be restored, preserving their history while also creating opportunities for tours and other activities. the raw space that served as a studio will be reactivated. while the program for this space is still being developed, the museum anticipates broadening its work with contemporary artists to present diverse, cross-disciplinary commissions and programs that demonstrate noguchi’s enduring influence.


‘isamu noguchi was a fearless, category-defying, cross-disciplinary polymath, and our new noguchi campus, which will include the art and archive building and the renovation of his 10th street studio and apartment, will allow us to better reflect on the complex nature of noguchi’s work and life,’ brett littman, director of the isamu noguchi foundation and garden museum, adds. ‘with greater—and easier—access to our collection and archive for our curators and researchers and a new programming space in the 10th street studio, the museum will be poised to more deeply explore noguchi’s increasing relevance to and influence on the contemporary world. at the same time, it will continue to welcome visitors of all ages and backgrounds.’

büro koray duman to extend new york's noguchi museum with art + archive building




project info:


architect: büro koray duman

program: archive center and art storage facility

area: 5,600 sq.ft

location: queens, NY

sofia lekka angelopoulou I designboom

apr 21, 2019

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